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Douglas County

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Centrally located just 15 minutes south of Nevada's state capital and bordering the truly one-of-a-kind Lake Tahoe with all its summer and winter activities, Douglas County is recognized as the gem of northern Nevada - a hidden jewel. On Nevada's western border, framed by the Carson Range of the Sierra Nevada and Pine Nut Mountains, Douglas County unfolds. Broad and green, nourished by the Carson River and its tributaries, Douglas County appeared as an oasis for early western settlers drawn by the California Gold Rush of the 1840s. Here you can still find miles of open space, expansive ranches and farms, many historical sites and displays, along with a wealth of outdoor recreation activities.

Genoa is the oldest permanent settlement in Nevada and one of the most attractive communities anywhere in the American West. Mormon Station, the original name of the settlement, was established as a trading post in 1851 to serve the wagon trains as a resting and reprovisioning place between the deserts of the Great Basin and the granite barricade of the Sierra Nevada. The town that grew up around the old Mormon stockade was named the seat of Carson County, Utah Territory, in 1854 and of Douglas County, Nevada Territory, in 1861. Mormon Station was Nevada's first town and its first boomtown, not because of mining, but because of agriculture.

Gardnerville is the elder of these two sibling towns founded to serve the agricultural population of Carson Valley. The area is one of the earliest-settled, richest and most productive of the state's agricultural regions. That is why Gardnerville is known as "Nevada's Garden Spot." While Minden is located north of Gardnerville, the two towns have fused together to form one larger community. After the turn of the century, the county seat was moved from Genoa to Minden.

The Stateline/Kingsbury area makes up a large portion of the Douglas County population and provides a majority of the county's room tax revenue. The casinos and ski resorts of Lake Tahoe's south shore are famous for their breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada.