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Lander County

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Lander County, Nevada is where your business has unlimited room to grow, and a lifestyle which blends the best of recreation and enterprise.

Battle Mountain is in the center of Nevada’s thriving mining economy which means growth, employment and income levels that are some of the best in Nevada. Agriculture also plays a significant role in the local economy. High quality alfalfa and alfalfa seed is produced there and shipped throughout the West.

Located in north central Nevada, Lander County encompasses 5,621 square miles. Over 85 percent of the County is currently public land managed by federal agencies.

With abundant sunshine, geothermal and wind-energy potential, Lander County is poised to become a clean energy hub with Interstate 80, rail line and spur with unlimited aviation and inland port potential with two 7,300-foot airport runways.

Centrally located along major transportation lines in central Nevada, Lander County offers:

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  • Locations with redundant fiber potential
  • A motivated, cost competitive workforce
  • Lower land and energy costs
  • Low overall cost of doing business
  • Nearby, diverse recreation opportunities
  • A small town pace and quality of life
  • A vibrant, growing region
  • A range of unique communities
  • Unique tax advantages
  • A leading player in mining and natural resources production
  • A modern community infrastructure built for expansion


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Great Basin Communities 

Lander County is home to sweeping vistas of desert and mountains, and some of the best recreational opportunities in the state. It is also home to three distinct communities:

Battle Mountain

The county seat of Battle Mountain, population 3,600, provides restaurants and shopping, quality schools, churches, a highly rated senior care center and hospital, local airport, and a small-town atmosphere where family life takes center stage.

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Historic Austin

Historic Austin, nestled against the wild Toiyabe Range, offers outstanding mountain biking trails, panoramic equestrian trails and a mining history that draws visitors to its preserved 19th century buildings, churches and mines. Though steeped in history, Austin is a modern town with shops, restaurants and charming bed and breakfast inns…with so much to do.

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Kingston is a historic mining district a short 30-mile drive southeast of Austin. It was the location of a number of silver mines in the 1860s and today has become a Great Basin and Range getaway with picturesque cabins, lodging opportunities and outdoor activities up the canyon at Groves Lake.


Rural Development Assets in the Lander County Region 

The FIND project provides an inventory of the assets on the ground. This inventory has led to an assessment of the feasibility of economic development opportunities and a ranking system of these sites for potential developers.

These rural development assets are presented through the FIND project web site at

Sustaining the long-term economic health of Lander County is the goal of the multi-faceted Lander County Sustainable Development Committee. By reaching out to all walks of life in Lander County, the Committee is helping shape a new future vision with the region's residents. To learn more about the community’s efforts log onto