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Interstate 80 (I-80) traverses the northern end of Lander County east-west, passing through Battle Mountain. State Highway 305 north-south bisects the county, linking Battle Mountain and Austin. Highway 50 runs east-west at the county's southern end, passing through Austin.

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Reno, NV 219 miles
Salt Lake City, UT 301 miles
Sacramento, CA 350 miles
Boise, ID 363 miles
Las Vegas, NV 415 miles
San Francisco, CA 437 miles
Los Angeles, CA 573 miles
Helena, MT 669 miles
Portland, OR 686 miles
Phoenix, AZ 707 miles
Cheyenne, WY 738 miles
Denver, CO 833 miles
Seattle, WA 865 miles
Santa Fe, NM 1,226 miles

Source: Rand McNally Mileage Calculator

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Passenger service is provided at Carlin or Winnemucca through Amtrak. Freight service is provided by Western Pacific Railroad, Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

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Battle Mountain/Lander County Airport

The Battle Mountain/Lander County Airport is located 2 1/2 miles southeast of Battle Mountain. It has two lighted runways, both are 7,300 feet, asphalt. There are also two helipads, each measuring 60X60 feet. Charter service is offered through Lander Aviation.

Austin Airport

The Austin Airport is located 10 miles west of town includes a lighted 6,000 foot runway.