Economic Development

Nye County Quality of Life


Monthly Temperature (F)
2014 2015 2016 Mean
January 39.1 40.2 31.5 36.9
February 39.8 45.0 37.9 40.9
March 45.0 50.2 45.9 47.0
April 52.1 50.4   51.2
May 60.4 57.7   59.0
June 71.5 74.2   72.8
July 77.8 73.5   75.6
August 71.5 75.1   73.3
September 67.9 68.2   68.1
October 57.3 57.0   57.1
November 43.5 37.9   40.7
December 36.1 31.1   33.6
Annual 55.2 55.0 38.4 49.5
Monthly Precipitation (inches)
2014 2015 2016 Mean
January 0.11 0.17 0.97 0.42
February 0.55 0.01 0.10 0.22
March 0.03 0.26   0.14
April 0.18 0.13   0.16
May 0.05 1.24   0.65
June   0.26   0.13
July 1.33 0.11   0.72
August 0.77 0.22   0.50
September 0.69 0.07   0.38
October 0.00 2.96   1.48
November 0.13 0.35   0.24
December 0.35 0.07   0.21
Annual 4.19 5.85   5.02

Source: National Weather Service Forecast Office, Tonopah AP, Nevada

Wind Speed & Direction
Location Prevailing Wind Direction Wind Speed*
Tonopah Airport N 9.8

Source: Western Regional Climate Center Wind Speed, Wind Direction, *mph, annual average

Location AM PM
Tonopah 46 28

Source: Western Regional Climate Center

Sunny Days
Location Sunny Days
Nye County 288

Source: Sperlings Best Places


The elevation in Nye County is 5,819 feet.

Source: Sperlings Best Places

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The sales tax rate in Nye County is 7.600%.

Source: Nevada Department of Taxation

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Housing Vacancy Rates (%)
Year Homeowner Rental
2014 3.2 6.0
2013 3.0 7.6
2012 4.9 6.8
2011 5.7 8.4

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, Selected Housing Characteristics

Housing Occupancy
Year Total Housing Units Occupied Housing Units Vacant Housing Units
# % # %
2014 22,051 17,803 80.7 4,248 19.3
2013 21,879 17,255 78.9 4,624 21.1
2012 22,197 18,431 83.0 3,766 17.0
2011 21,921 18,348 83.7 3,573 16.3

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, Selected Housing Characteristics

Housing Value
Year Owner-Occupied Units < $99,999 $100,000 - $199,999 $200,000 - $499,999 $500,000 - $999,999 $1,000,000 +
# % # % # % # % # %
2014 12,524 6,153 49.1 4,392 35.1 1,807 14.4 120 1.0 52 0.4
2013 12,338 6,305 51.1 4,345 35.2 1,585 12.8 49 0.4 54 0.4
2012 12,951 6,669 51.5 4,279 33.0 1,795 13.9 152 1.2 56 0.4
2011 13,146 4,324 32.9 5,049 38.4 3,427 26.1 250 1.9 96 0.7

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, Selected Housing Characteristics

Housing Costs
Year Median Value Median Monthly Owner Costs
(housing units with a mortgage)
Median Rent
2014 $102,300 $1,186 $803
2013 $98,300 $1,169 $787
2012 $97,600 $1,216 $880
2011 $120,300 $1,223 $850

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, Selected Housing Characteristics

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Boulder City Hospital
Boulder City Hospital has been operating as a non-profit facility for over sixty years. The hospital seeks to earn the trust of the residents of Boulder City, neighboring communities and visitors by meeting their health care and related educational needs with compassion, integrity, sincerity, and without regard to one's ability to pay. In order to continue to excel, the hospital is constantly striving to remain on the forefront of medical technology by maintaining a state-of-the-art facility. The hospital's medical staff and support personnel are not only highly educated professionals, but are also trained to be and understand the need to be compassionate care givers.

MountainView Hospital
MountainView's open-heart surgery program began in July 2001. Two open-heart operating rooms were added last year in their $33.5 million expansion in addition to the two cardiac catheterization labs that allow doctors to do less-invasive stenting and balloon angioplasties. They have also developed a cardiac rehabilitation program which provides patients with a comprehensive medical management regimen, including exercise, nutrition, stress and weight management, smoking cessation as well as medical and medicine monitoring. MountainView Hospital is committed to the care and improvement of human life.

Desert Springs Hospital
A 351-bed acute care facility located in southeast Las Vegas, this facility has been providing for the healthcare needs of residents since 1971. The hospital provides 24-hour emergency services, including a fast-track area in the ER to treat less acute patients, and comprehensive cardiology services. New facilities include a Maternity Center, featuring labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum suites, a third catheterization laboratory, and a 107,000 square foot Medical Office Building and Outpatient Surgery facility.

North Vista Hospital
North Vista Hospital is a 177-bed, state-of-the-art hospital located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. North Vista offers comprehensive healthcare services, including emergency care, heart care, advanced surgical procedures, diagnostic imaging and help for a broad range of medical conditions. Equipped with the most advanced medical technology, and staffed by a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals, North Vista is committed to providing high-quality care in a friendly hospital environment.

Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital
The Mike O' Callaghan Federal Hospital (MOFH) is a joint venture between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense (99th Medical Group Hospital, Nellis Air Force Base). It is one of only three joint ventures in the country. It is situated on a 49-acre site adjacent to Nellis Air Force Base, approximately 11 miles northeast of downtown Las Vegas. The facility encompasses 114 beds, with 52 designated for VA use. The VA beds include 36 medical/surgical, 14 psychiatric and 2 ICU/CCU.

St. Rose Dominican Hospital
St. Rose Dominican Hospital is a member of Catholic Healthcare West (CHW), a leading not-for-profit healthcare system guided by Catholic values. CHW is sponsored by many communities of religious women, including the Adrian Dominican Sisters. As St. Rose Dominican Hospital continues to expand the breadth and scope of its services, its commitment to its mission grows as well with expanding outreach and education programs ranging from programs for under-served children and seniors to a full range of community classes on health and wellness topics.

Summerlin Hospital Medical Center
Located in Summerlin, one of Southern Nevada's fastest growing communities, Summerlin Hospital Medical Center features 169 licensed beds, all private patient rooms. The acute care facility has adjoining outpatient services for surgery, laboratory and radiology as well as two medical office buildings.

Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center
Rated Consumer Choice #1 by the National Research Corporation. Sunrise stands as the first medical facility that Southern Nevada's doctors, patients, and even other hospitals turn to in an extreme medical crisis. Many of our facilities, including our Renal Transplant Center and Sleep Disorder Center are the only ones of their kind in Southern Nevada. Their sister facility, Sunrise Children's Hospital, is Nevada's only hospital dedicated exclusively to the treatment, health and well being of children. In addition to a staff of pediatric specialists, childlife therapists and the latest in pediatric technology, the Children's Hospital provides acute intensive care in separate Level II and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Valley Hospital Medical Center
Valley Hospital Medical Center, founded in 1972, is a licensed 409-bed, full-service acute care hospital located in the heart of Las Vegas which serves the greater Las Vegas area and the surrounding rural communities of Southern Nevada.

Ambulance Service
American Medical Response provides advanced life-support ambulance service to Southern Nevada. Formed in 1954, the company operates through a performance-based contract with the Clark County and the cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. The City of Henderson's Fire Department provides life support ambulance service to city residents.

Angel Plane/Miracle Flights
Angel Plane, formed in 1985, is a national non-profit charitable organization which provides flights for children and families with serious health conditions. Patients are flown, at no cost, to various treatment centers across the nation. Since its inception, Angel Plane has flown over 6.5 million miles transporting children and their families.

Sponsored by Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, University Medical Center, and St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Airlife is an emergency transport helicopter that serves Southern Nevada and parts of Arizona, California, and Utah. The program became operational in June of 1998.

Flight for Life
Flight for Life, Southern Nevada's first air ambulance program, is owned and operated by Valley Hospital Medical Center. Formed in 1980, the program dispatches helicopters to a four-state region including Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California.

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Nye County is home to 8 elementary schools, 7 junior high schools, 5 high schools, 1 k-12 school and 2 alternative/charter schools. In the Nye County district, the average teacher/student ratio is 22:1, the average class size for English is 27, for Math 28, for Science 22 and for Social Studies 28.  The class of 2014 dropout rate was 1.26% and the class of 2014 graduation rate was 66.99%.

Source: Nevada Annual Reports of Accountability

School Enrollment

Year Population 3+ enrolled in school Nursery School/Preschool Kindergarten Elementary (Grades 1-8) High School (Grades 9-12) College or Graduate School
# % # % # % # % # %
2014 7,852 270 3.4 523 6.7 3,679 46.9 2,252 28.7 1,128 14.4
2013 7,887 352 4.5 579 7.3 3,485 44.2 2,498 31.7 973 12.3
2012 8,092 230 2.8 588 7.3 4,024 49.7 2,284 28.2 966 11.9
2011 8,438 212 2.5 551 6.5 4,431 52.5 2,219 26.3 1,025 12.1

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, Selected Social Characteristics


Summary of Standards-Based Test Performance
  Reading Writing Mathematics Science
District 22 23 37 18 11 48 37 4 13 27 53 7 15 27 42 16
State 19 21 36 25 8 41 42 8 9 20 57 14 19 26 41 14
  Reading Writing Mathematics
District 13 11 64 12 1 26 71 2 1 37 51 11
State 13 10 65 13 2 23 73 3 1 25 56 17

ED = Percentage of students performing in the lowest range of achievement (Emergent/Developing)
AS = Percentage of students performing in the Approaches Standards range of achievement
MS = Percentage of students performing in the Meets Standards range of achievement
ES = Percentage of students performing in the highest range of achievement (Exceeds Standards)

Source: Nevada Annual Reports of Accountability, 2011-12

Higher Education

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)
UNLV recently moved up into the ranking defined by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as "Doctoral/Research Universities - Intensive". UNLV offers 170 undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree programs. The colleges include: School of Medicine and School of Dentistry, as well as the finest physics, business, engineering, computer science, environmental studies, and performing arts programs in the nation. UNLV's School of Medicine is Nevada's only postgraduate institution dedicated to training new physicians and UNLV's William S. Boyd School of Law has been granted provisional accreditation from the American Bar Association.

Community College of Southern Nevada (CCSN)
CCSN serves over 35,000 students with programs on occupational training, university transfer preparation, continuing education, developmental education, and counseling and guidance. The Community College of Southern Nevada is a fully accredited member of the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. This status assures that the College's organization, structure, staffing, and funding are equal to its objectives, that its governing board is functioning properly, and that all academic and financial plans are well designed to provide its students with a high level of excellence.

University of Phoenix, Nevada Campus
The University of Phoenix is a private, for-profit higher education institution whose mission is to provide high quality education to working adult students. The University of Phoenix, Nevada Campus offers degree and certificate programs in Administration, Business, Counseling, Education, Human Services, Management, Nursing/Healthcare, and Technology. Courses are scheduled to meet the needs of working students.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Founded just 22 years after the Wright brothers' first flight, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, teaches the science, practice, and business of the world of aviation and aerospace. The University and its graduates have built an enviable record of achievement in every aspect of aviation and aerospace. The curriculum at Embry-Riddle covers the operation, engineering, research, manufacturing, marketing, and management of modern aircraft and the systems that support them. The University engages in extensive research, consulting, and related activities that address the unique needs of aviation, aerospace, and related industries.

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Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, established June 18, 1984, is located approximately 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas in the Amargosa Valley of southern Nye County, Nevada. To date, over 23,000 acres of spring-fed wetlands and alkaline desert uplands are managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The refuge provides habitat for at least 24 plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. Four fish and one plant are currently listed as endangered.

Rhyolite Historic Site
One of the most photographed ghost towns in the west, the bottle house, old railroad depot and concrete ruins are all that remain.

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Name Date
Fourth of July July
Pahrump Harvest Festival, Fair, and PRCA Rodeo October
New Year's Eve Celebrations December

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There are 7 libraries within Nye County, 1 each in Amargosa Valley, Beatty, Manhattan, Pahrump, and Round Mountain and 2 in Tonopah.

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  • Bank of America
  • Nevada Federal Credit Union
  • Nevada State Bank
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo

Source: Department of Training, Rehabilitation, and Employment (DETR)

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Type of Crime Nye County United States Average
Violent Crime 47.9 41.4
Property Crime 45.2 43.5

Source: Sperlings Best Places, June 2014.  Based on a scale from 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime).  Violent crime is composed of four offenses: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property crime includes the offenses of burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. The object of the theft-type offenses is the taking of money or property, but there is no force or threat of force against the victims.

Population Nye County Crime Rate Western States Crime Rate* National Crime Rate
2014 45,679 19.54 N/A N/A
2013 42,853 25.48 32.57 31.13
2012 43,918 32.26 33.41 32.65
2011 45,459 22.42 33.52 33.11
2010 45,459 35.20 33.06 33.66

Source: State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety. Crime rate based on the occurrence of an index offense per 1,000 residents of the area. *Western States consist of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.