New Energy at Apex Industrial Park

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Recent developments at Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas are breathing new opportunity and hope into an area that is positioned to be a major part of the economic catalyst to spur economic development in the region and State. NV Energy is also poised to provide enough power for energy intensive industrial operations to thrive and grow Apex with dependable and competitive energy resources.


“NV Energy has been a part of the Apex Industrial Park for many years,” said Jeff Brigger, Manager Economic Development. “With access to US Highway 93, railroad, and room to grow, we recognized a long time ago that this is an ideal location for a large industrial park."


 Apex is situated along the Interstate 15 corridor, just 30 minutes from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.  Currently, there are about 6,000 acres of useable land located within the Park; however until now only about 300 acres have been developed.  Major hurdles to developing this land have been the lack of affordable water, sewer and utilities—the age old story of the chicken and egg scenario. With state and local economic development officials providing these a clear funding mechanism to bring the needed services, sites for large industrial users are much more feasible. 


Following the recent legislative session, interest in Apex land has increased dramatically.  Site selectors that previously disregarded the Apex area are starting to take notice again, and several new projects are requesting information from the City and State.  In addition, existing projects are expanding their facilities and they look forward to municipal water sources and improved roadway and railroad infrastructure.  Public/private collaborations are occurring on a multitude of levels, as the massive infrastructure planning process begins.  The strong focus on bringing diversification to the southern Nevada region has created a catalyst at Apex.


“Knowing that Apex represented the best bet for a real industrial park for southern Nevada, where manufacturing jobs could be created, the State’s support of Apex is really twofold,” said Lisa Cole, Vice President Land Development Associates, LLC.  “They are providing certain incentives to a large new project specifically, as well as allowing the full faith and credit of the State to be used in bonding for other infrastructure needed to spur growth and development for more than half of the 6,000 acres of developable land at Apex.  It’s really very exciting and the potential that everyone has always talked about in regard to Apex is finally coming to fruition.”


In addition to the state’s support of Apex, the City of North Las Vegas is also extremely supportive.  Keeping in line with Nevada’s business friendly environment, fast turnaround times for review and willingness to consider rural development standards, have been key to the success of the development of the Apex Industrial Park.