Economic Development

Northeastern Nevada Location/Market Access


Interstate 80 Eastbound to Salt Lake City, Utah and Westbound to Twin Falls, Idaho.
U.S. 93 Southbound through Wells to Las Vegas, Nevada, and northbound to Twin Falls, Idaho.

Interstate 80 follows an east-west route through the county, connecting Carlin, Elko, Wells and West Wendover with Salt Lake City to the east and Reno to the west. U.S. 93 extends north to south, cutting through Wells and Jackpot and connecting travelers with Twin Falls, Idaho, to the north and Ely and Las Vegas, Nevada, to the south. From Elko, travelers also may take State Route 225 north to Boise, Idaho.

U.S. Highway 50 provides access west to Sacramento, California, and east to Salt Lake city and Denver, Colorado.

Nevada State Route 278 runs north and south and connects Interstate 80 and U.S. Highway 50.

Motor freight is available from several trucking companies including but not limited to Anderson & Sons Trucking, Consolidated Freightways, C&R Trucking, DATS Trucking, Gresham Transfer, Inc., MGL Trucking, Motor Cargo, United Parcel Service, Utah Wyoming Freight Line Inc., and Vega Construction Trucking.

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Destination To/From Elko To/From Eureka To/From Ely
Salt Lake City, UT 230 miles 343 miles 241 miles
Boise, ID 238 miles 350 miles 380 miles
Reno, NV 290 miles 243 miles 319 miles
Sacramento, CA 420 miles 373 miles 450 miles
Las Vegas, NV 430 miles 318 miles 241 miles
San Francisco, CA 506 miles 459 miles 537 miles
Helena, MT 598 miles 712 miles 719 miles
Los Angeles, CA 644 miles 538 miles 510 miles
Cheyenne, WY 668 miles 781 miles 679 miles
Portland, OR 719 miles 833 miles 808 miles
Phoenix, AZ 762 miles 610 miles 533 miles
Seattle, WA 794 miles 907 miles 882 miles
Denver, CO 763 miles 876 miles 774 miles
Santa Fe, NM 1,153 miles 857 miles 781 miles

Source: Rand McNally Mileage Calculator

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The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad provide east-west service through northeastern Nevada. Both railroads roughly parallel Interstate 80. The railroads change direction west of Reno; Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad travels along the northern coast, while the Union Pacific runs into southern California.

AMTRAK operates out of Elko and Carlin for northeastern Nevada passengers.

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Greyhound Bus Lines offers bus service to northeastern Nevada. In addition, the Boise-Winnemucca Stage Line provides daily service between the two cities with stops in Elko.

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Elko Regional Airport

The Elko Regional Airport is one mile west of the city of Elko. It is a commercial and general aviation airport with charter and private service, a flight school and rental car services. Skywest Airlines offers nonstop flights in and out of Elko. The airline is a Delta connection and flyers may connect with Delta flights to more than 200 cities. For freight, two carriers offer air cargo service.

Eureka County Airport

The Eureka County Airport is located 6 miles NW of Eureka, NV and offers a 7,300 ft, lighted, asphalt runway. Regularly scheduled commercial flight service is available in Ely, Nevada, about one hour east of Eureka. Elko Municipal Airport serves the county in the northern portion of Eureka County.

Wells Airport

The Wells Airport is located two miles northeast of Wells. It has one 5,500 ft. lighted, paved runway and a crosswind dirt strip. The airport offers 24-hour service, which includes fuel, courtesy car, maintenance, instruction and charter service.

West Wendover Airport

The West Wendover Airport is located just off I-80 at the edge of the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah's west desert, the Wendover Airport, the world's only remaining, fully operational airport of the World War II era, accomodates military, commercial, and general aviation uses.