Economic Development

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Introduction and Eligibility

NV Energy’s Economic Development group’s Rural Partners Program is designed to increase the viability of Nevada’s rural communities and their representing rural economic development organizations within NV Energy’s service area.

Recognizing the importance of partnerships to attain resources, the Rural Partners Program offers opportunities to leverage local resources in the areas of product enhancement, strategic planning and implementation, professional development and special projects.

Please review the partnership opportunities in your particular area of interest. All applications must begin with a consultation with an NV Energy Economic Development representative, prior to project initiation.  If you have not already spoke to us regarding your project, please contact us to begin this process.

All programs subject to change and to the availability of funds.


To be eligible for the Rural Partners Program funding, the following requirements must be met:

  • Entity applying for funds must be a recognized rural economic development organization.
  • The organization must submit an annual report to NV Energy showing results of the funded program.
  • NV Energy’s representative(s) must be on the electronic communication list to receive ongoing project information.
  • The organization must have a website that has an economic development section and a link to the NV Energy Economic Development website.
  • NV Energy will be a recognized sponsor on partnership projects.


The organization must employ a full-time executive director or have a dedicated board that is the governing body for the organization that will serve as its designated representative. The jurisdiction of the project must be served primarily by NV Energy, view NV Energy's service territory map to verify the areas that NV Energy serves.

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Successful economic development organizations actively particpate in capacity building activities. The comprehensive approach focuses on product development - improving the community to make it more effective as a place to live and conduct business.

Business Park Planning

Planning for business parks includes not only the initial project planning and master plan process, but also the continuing development process. Contact us to include our expertise on your planning team.

REIMBURSEMENT: No funds, expertise only.

Small Community Projects

Communities with a population of less than 60,000 may have unique projects as they work to retain or expand a balanced commercial mix. Components may include converting underused or unused commercial space with a district, enhancing a district’s physical appearance, designing of management systems or long-term planning.

REIMBURSEMENT: A matching grant up to $2,500 not to exceed 50% of the project cost. Only two (2) projects per year will be considered throughout our service territory.

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Corporate Headquarter Calls and Marketing Trips

Regional marketing leverages limited resources. An initiative of regional marketing is to connect with corporate headquarters and specific target business sectors to discuss opportunities. NV Energy supports this regional initiative and will partner on marketing efforts. Corporate headquarter calls will utilize the NV Energy headquarters call form and data must be entered into NV Energy’s CRM system as a result of the call, meeting and/or trip.

REIMBURSEMENT: Up to 50% of the total cost for list preparation, telemarketing, scheduling, airfare or mileage not to exceed $2,000 per trip. Mileage reimbursement will not exceed the federal mileage rate. This program is limited to two (2) trips annually.

Trade Shows

NV Energy will partner on trade shows whose focus is identified in the organization's strategic plan as a targeted business. We will partner on the cost of the booth space for the show, mileage and airfare. The initiative must be led by a recognized rural economic development organization. Participation in the trade show must include booth space rental.

REIMBURSEMENT: Up to 50% of the booth space cost, mileage or airfare not to exceed $1,000. This program is limited to one (1) event per entity annually and is limited to three (3) events annually.

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Investment in human capital is a priority for most organizations. NV Energy will partner to provide skill training required to execute effective economic development programs. The Economic Development Institute, Community Development Academy, National Development Council and state economic development organizations provide advanced education for professional economic developers. These courses must be recognized as basic economic development courses or approved equivalent, advanced symposium, economic development skill related workshop or seminar or economic development programs to gain certification.

REIMBURSEMENT: NV Energy’s funding is supplemental to other economic development scholarship awards received and is limited to matching up to $500.

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Web Development and Design Consultation

An organization's website has a pivitol role in how that organization is perceived throughout the business community. NV Energy realizes the importance of having quality websites with consistent data representing Nevada. Contact us to discuss your organization’s web presence.

REIMBURSEMENT: No funds, expertise only.

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To apply for these programs, please fill out and submit an online application.  Once you have submitted this form, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.  If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation, please contact us.  Once we receive your information, we will review it and a representative will be contacting you shortly thereafter.