Utility and Governmental Agency Contacts New Construction Northern Nevada

NV Energy Contacts

If you are not sure what utility serves your area please consult this map of Nevada utilities.

  • Carson City

    • Phone: (775) 834-4002, (888) 999-1556
    • Fax: (775) 834-2931
    • Email (AutoCad Drawings): gjackson@nvenergy.com

    (CARSON CITY AREA), Alpine View Estates, Carson City, Como Peak, Dayton, Eagle Valley, Holbrook Junction, Indian Hills, Jacks Valley, Johnson Lane, Mark Twain, Moundhouse, New Empire, Silver City/Gold Hill, Stagecoach, Stewart, Sunridge Heights, Virginia City

    (MINDEN AREA), Antelope Valley, Autumn Hills, Bodie Flats, Centerville, Double Springs, Dresslerville, Fish Springs Flat, Foothill Road Area, Fredericksburg, Gardnerville, Genoa, Johnson Lane Area, Kingsbury -Bottom Of The Hill, Mesa Vista, Minden, Mottsville, Minden, Mottsville, Rhuenstrath Rancho, Sheridan Acres, The Ranchos

    (YERINGTON AREA), Campbell Ranch, Mason Valley, Silver Springs, Smith Valley, Smith, Topaz Lake (NV), Topaz Ranch Estates, Yerington, Wabuska, Weed Heights, Wellington

  • Elko

    Elko, Elburz, Lamoille, Mountain City Hwy, Osino, Pleasant Valley, Ryndon, Spring Creek, Tuscarora, Western Hills, Wildhorse

  • Fallon

    • Phone: (888) 999-1556
    • Fax: (775)428-0410
    • Email (AutoCad Drawings): sang@nvenergy.com

    (FALLON AREA) Austin, Cherry Creek, Coldsprings, Derby Dam, Desert Peak, Empire, Fallon, Fernley, Gandolfo Ranch, Gerlach, Gilman Spring, Hazen, Jessup, Kingston, Lahontan, Mary Hudson Ranch, Nightingale, Nixon, Painted Rock, Reese River, Stillwater, TCID, University Farms, Wadsworth, Upper Smokey Valley, Yomba

    (HAWTHORNE AREA), East Walker, Gabbs, Hawthorne, Luna, Luning/Mina, Schurz/Walker Lake

    (TONOPAH AREA), Anaconda, Carvers, Coaldale, Goldfield, Hadley, Manhattan, Microwave Stations, Millers Corner, Round Mountain, Silver Peak, Smokey Valley-Lower, Tonopah, Warm Springs

  • Hawthorne

    See Fallon.

  • Henderson

    • Phone: (702) 402-4700

    Henderson, Boulder City

  • Laughlin

    • Phone: (702) 402-5936

    Laughlin, Searchlight

  • Lovelock

    See Winnemucca.

  • Minden

    See Carson City.

  • North Lake Tahoe

    Crystal Bay, Incline Village, Ponderosa Palasade

  • Reno-Truckee Meadows

    • Phone: (775) 834-4002, (888) 999-1556
    • Fax: (775) 834-7108
    • Email (AutoCad Drawings): Contact your assigned Utility Design Coordinator.

    Arrowcreek, Black Springs, Callahan Ranch, Cold Springs, Double Diamond, Galena, Golden Valley, Hidden Valley, Lemmon Valley, Lockwood, McCarran, Mogul, Montreux, Mustang, Palomino Valley, Panther Valley, Pleasant Valley, Raleigh Heights, Red Rock, Reno, Saddlehorn, Silver Knolls, Spanish Springs, Sparks, Stead, Steamboat, Sun Valley, Sutcliffe, Verdi NV, Virginia City Highlands, Washoe Valley East/West, Wingfield Springs

  • Spring Valley District

    • Phone: (702) 252-4800

    Sloan, Jean and Stateline

  • Tonopah

    See Fallon.

  • Winnemucca

    (WINNEMUCCA AREA), Airport Estates, Bellevue Addition, Beowawe/Crescent Valley, Buttons Point, Butch Flat, Eden Valley, Golconda, Gold Country Estates, Grass Valley, Haviland Estates, Indian Colony, Jungo, Lowry, Martin Creek, Midas, Offenhauser Subd, Osgood, Paradise Estates, Paradise Ranchos, Paradise Valley, Railroad Subd, Rose Creek, Rose Peak, Sage Heights, Skyline Subd, Sonoma Ranchos #1/ #3, Thomas Canyon, Thomas Canyon Acres, Trailer Estates, Warmouth Addition, Water Canyon, Winnemucca, Z.B.S. Subd

    (BATTLE MOUNTAIN AREA), Altramira Farms, Antelope Valley, Argenta, Battle Mountain, Beowawe/Crescent Valley-Billing, Dunphy, Eureka, Hilltop, Mt Lewis, Mt Moses, Stoney Point, TS Ranch, Valmy

    (LOVELOCK AREA), Imlay, Mill City, Lovelock, Oreana, Rochester, Rye Patch, Unionville

  • Yerington

    See Carson City.

Other Utilities in Nevada and California

All areas outside of the Truckee Meadows

Governmental Agencies Issuing Permits and Doing Inspections: