Street Lighting Northern Nevada

NV Energy offers street lighting service that applies to roadway lighting installations (excluding highway and area lighting such as parking lots and other general facility lighting). Based on your needs, you can decide to own or you may have NV Energy own the streetlight facilities.


The first decision is deciding whether to own the streetlight facilities, or to opt for the utility to own the streetlight service. The information below provides some guidelines for your ownership decision.

  • Customer-owned Streetlights
    (Installation on NV Energy's distribution system)
    • Open to all customers
    • Customer provides the lights
    • Operated and maintained by the customer
    • Monthly billing
    • Metered service (customer billed for actual usage)
    • Unlimited streetlight options within jurisdiction requirements
  • NV Energy-owned Streetlights
    • Service open to qualifying customers that may include municipalities, contractors, developers, and some homeowner associations. Check with your local NV Energy Planning Representative for more details.
    • All fixtures include cut-off optics supporting the Dark Skies initiative.
    • Design and installation by NV Energy.
    • NV Energy operates and maintains the lights
    • Monthly billing
    • Unmetered service (customer billed at flat rates defined in tariff)
    • Selection limited to NV Energy's standard lighting options.

The basic utility owned streetlight service utilizes the Cobra-Head series fixtures that come in several available wattages - 100W, 200W, and 400W. These use LED lamps on wood, steel, and concrete poles.

For an additional cost, you can choose from among a selection of decorative fixtures and pole options. These lighting fixtures feature 100W and 150W High Pressure Sodium lamps along with both steel and concrete poles.

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