Service Exists Need Temporary Service Chronological Process Guide Northern Nevada

This page is for customers who know that their location has existing electrical service available and they need a temporary hook up. A temporary service is provided for no moe than 18 months.  The table below outlines the steps that need to be taken and shows which step is the responsibility of the customer and which is the responsibility of NV Energy.

Once you have read this page and you want to establish service you can read the steps required to establish electric service or electric and gas service.

For the design and construction process to flow smoothly, both the Company and the customer must complete their tasks properly and on time. To avoid delays and possible extra costs, please make sure that your application package is as complete and accurate as possible. It's best to submit your application to us when you apply for your building permit. This is also a good time to contact other utilities (phone and cable TV) and apply for service with them.

Note: Adequate time must be provided in your construction schedule for NV Energy's allocation of materials, scheduling of crews and for you to complete your portion of NV Energy facilities.

Please keep in mind, a checklist for a successful Electric project includes:

  • Sending your completed contracts and advances to us in a timely manner.
  • Obtaining signed and notarized rights-of-way.
  • Getting electric inspections from NV Energy for work that you are performing.
  • Completing your agreed-to tree trimming and clearing well before NV Energy construction begins.
  • Clearing electric service routes of obstructions caused by debris, dirt, outbuildings, or construction equipment.
  • Finishing your grading along the service route.
  • Installing the electric meter panel.
  • Installing pull-tapes in electric conduits.
  • Securely attaching electric conduits for surface-mounted panels to the building.
Temporary Electric Chronological Action Step Customer Utility
Provides sufficient notice of intent to build, and makes formal application with Utility. Large projects tend to require longer lead times

Use the appropriate application from the list below to tell us about your basic service needs, such as the electric appliances or equipment that you plan to install, the project's location, construction timing and contact information.

Project Information Sheet
Master Plan Project Information Sheet
Service Only Project Information Sheet
Meter Set Only Sheet

Provides credit or security information

If you are a new customer to NV Energy you may have to provide a deposit to establish new service. If you are an existing customer with good credit history, simply refer to your existing service address when our customer service department contacts you regarding deposits.

Provides required information including engineering design drawings to begin Utility design stage. These drawings must be submitted at the time application is made and must include:
  • Site plan showing preferred temporary electric meter locations. See NV Energy standards Volume 17 sections 2 and section 3

  • Electric load requirements (single phase/three phase requirements in amps)

  • Construction schedule

Determines service route

Nevada Public Utility Commission rules state that NV Energy must install electric facilities along the shortest, most practical route. If you want another route because of aesthetic or other non-financial reasons, you'll normally pay the extra cost.

If we need to install poles and power lines, we'll need a clear path on your property. You or one of our contractors can trim or remove trees at your expense before construction begins. The path around the power lines will need to stay clear in the future, too, for safety and access. Always think of the size of your trees at maturity, so plant the right tree in the right place. Consult a licensed arborist, a nursery or us for suggestions on appropriate trees
Engineers the electrical system up to the customer’s meter location

We must install all electric meters to meet certain clearance standards and be readily accessible for reading and maintenance.

Determines cost of construction advance (if applicable)


Pays construction advance (if applicable) and signs service agreement

Depending on the scope of your project, a construction advance may be required. The construction advance covers our expenses for revisions to our existing infrastructure to accommodate your project. Project deposits are also required for any preliminary cost estimates that you may request.

Obtains all necessary permits from the appropriate inspection authority

Building permits for your construction project are required from the local City or County authority having jurisdiction in your area. It’s a good idea to determine who that authority is and contact them to discuss any permitting required when you make application with the Utility. A list of governmental agencies can be found on the contacts page.

Reviews service entrance section drawings for approval (if applicable)

Any panel size 400 amps or greater will require manufacturer’s shop drawings be submitted to NV Energy for review. In addition a fault study may be required on larger temporary services. Please contact your local NV Energy design office if you plan on a panel larger than 200 amps for specific requirements.

Specifies the trench (if applicable) and equipment locations
Stakes the trench (if applicable) and equipment locations. Volume 17 section 3 and section 7.
Calls 811 to identify any existing underground utilities Volume 17 section 1
Provides the trench (if applicable) per NV Energy design. Volume 17 section 3 and section 7.
Inspects the trench. Approves if per NV Energy design
Provides underground service conductor, conduit, pull tape, and any other required substructures. OT0001M and UT0001M
Inspects conduit and substructures. Approves if per NV Energy specs.
Provides overhead conductor to customer pole.
Schedules meter panel inspection with local governing agency. (Provide 48 HR notice.)

You or your electrician will need to have the appropriate City or County agency with jurisdiction inspect your electric panel prior to any meter set. NV Energy will not set a meter without receiving the approval from the city or county inspector.

Obtains City or County electrical approval (panel OK)

Inspections on your service panel are required by the state, or by a city or county building department, we must receive approval from that agency before we can set a meter. The address provided to NV Energy and the address provided to the building department must match exactly.

Many building departments relay this information to us at the end of each business day. If you call us on the same day of your inspection, we most likely will not have a record of the inspection

Receives a City or County approval
Sets a meter and energizes the service. Only authorized NV Energy employees shall energize a service. Volume 17 section 8