Electric Service Upgrades, Relocations, Removals, Voltages Available from the Utility, and Metering

Upgraded service

Prior to service being changed or relocated to supply new or existing load, contact NV Energy. All service entrances being upgraded, (increased main breaker ampacity) or relocated must be brought up to current city or county code and specification requirements.

Removal of service

Contact your local NV Energy office with requests for the removal and or relocation of existing electric facilities. Due to normal schedule times for NV Energy construction crews, a minimum of two weeks notice should be given to NV Energy prior to the date the facilities are to be removed and or relocated.

Number of services per premise

All new homes must be wired for one meter. Existing homes adding load requiring an upgrade of facilities must be wired to be served through one meter.

Character of service and limitations

  • Single Phase
    • 120/240 volt, 3 wire (normally for residential. Also for commercial and industrial, but limited to 1000 amp service entrance.)
    • 120/208 volt, (apartments)
  • Three Phase
    • 2400 volt, 3 wire (special applications)
    • 120/240 volt, 4 wire (limited to 800 amp U.G. [includes U.G. services fed from O.H. transformer banks] & 1200 amp O.H. service entrances)
    • 120/208 volt, 4 wire (limited to 4000 amp U.G. & 1600 amp O.H. service entrances)
    • 277/480 volt, 4 wire (limited to 4000 amp U.G. & 600 amp O.H. service entrances)
    • 2400/4160 volt, 4 wire (special applications)
    • 7200/12,470 volt, 4 wire (special applications)

When a non-residential, industrial, water pumping or irrigation customer requests 3 phase 3 wire 240 volt or 480 volt service, NV Energy will furnish a 3 phase 4 wire 120/240 volt or 277/480 volt grounded neutral service to the service entrance. The Customer shall provide a bus or bar in the section for grounding and bonding as per NEC and provisions for 3 element metering. (This 4 wire service will eliminate confusion in providing a safe installation by permitting the use of overcurrent devices in all phase wires of NV Energy feeder and branch circuits.)

For specifications regarding service entrance equipment, see Section 7.