Gas Conversion Chronological Process Guide

This page is for customers who know their location has existing gas service available and need a hook up. The table below outlines the steps that need to be taken and which is the responsibility of the customer and which is the duty of NV Energy. Please be aware that NV Energy only offers gas service in Truckee Meadows.

Once you have read this page, and you want to establish service, click on the appropriate link: gas service or electric and gas service.

For the design and construction process to flow smoothly both the Company and the customer must complete their tasks properly and on time. To avoid delays and possible extra costs, please make sure that your application package is as complete and accurate as possible. It's best to submit your application to us when you apply for your building permit. This is also a good time to contact other utilities (phone and cable TV) and apply for service with them.

Note: Adequate time must be provided in your construction schedule for NV Energy's allocation of materials, scheduling of crews and for you to complete your portion of NV Energy facilities.

Please keep in mind, a checklist for a successful Gas project includes:

  • Sending your completed contracts and advances to us.
  • Obtaining signed and notarized rights-of-way.
  • Getting gas inspections from NV Energy for work that you are performing.
  • Clearing gas service routes of obstructions caused by debris, dirt, outbuildings, or construction equipment.
  • Finishing your grading along the service route. Installing the interior gas piping and at least one appliance.
  • Obtaining the necessary pressure tests from your plumber.
  • Insuring that all pressure/manometer tests have been called into NV Energy by the appropriate governing agency.
Gas Conversion Chronological Action Step Customer Utility
Provides sufficient notice of intent to build, and makes formal application with Utility. Large projects tend to require longer lead times

Use the Application for New Service to tell us about your basic service needs, such as the gas appliances or equipment that you plan to install, the project's location, construction timing and contact information.

Inspects the premise and determines service route

Nevada Public Utility Commission rules state that NV Energy must install gas facilities along the shortest, most practical route.

Engineers the gas system up to the customer’s meter location

We must install all gas meters to meet certain clearance standards and be readily accessible for reading and maintenance

Specifies the trench and equipment locations
Prepares construction design

Nevada Public Utility Commission (rules state that NV Energy must install gas facilities along the shortest, most practical route. NV Energy identifies costs, prepares construction drawings, orders critical materials with long lead-times, and coordinates your service engineering with other utilities.

NV Energy will design the project in accordance with the tariff schedules and NV Energy standards and practices, while meeting all governmental requirements.

NV Energy will accommodate your design requests whenever possible. Your Utility Design Consultant must approve all design revisions.

NV Energy designs are “preliminary” at this stage and contingent on obtaining government approval, permits and easements, if required.

Prepares service agreement and mails to customer

You will receive a line extension agreement for any facility extension required. The agreement under which facilities are extended exists per Rule 9 filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.

Once service routes have been established, materials and labor have been estimated, your Utility Design Consultant will prepare the necessary line extension agreement required to serve your project and mail it to you.

You need to execute contracts and advance monies as agreed upon with NV Energy’s Utility Design Consultant.

NV Energy will handle any refunding of contract advances. We will review contracts on a regular basis for possible refunds.

Residential contracts are in effect for no longer than ten years from the contract execution date.

How quickly you return your signed agreements and any required advances directly affects the timing of your project. We need to receive all contracts, payments, and rights-of-way, before we can schedule your project for construction.

Requests acceptable easements on all involved properties.

Rights-of-way may be needed for service to your project, depending on the length and location of the service route. If so, you may be asked to contact your neighbors when the rights-of-way are needed from them. NV Energy will prepare the appropriate documents and get the needed signatures. For many projects, securing a right-of-way could be the single biggest factor in arranging for the shortest, least expensive route for gas lines to your project. Your good relations with your neighbors can help!

NV Energy will prepare all easements and required permits needed from federal, state and local agencies. We will also prepare private property easement documents (third party). Executed documents will need to be obtained prior to construction.

Please note that acquisition of Bureau of Land Management and NDOT Permits may require up to 18+ months.

Gas related Easements - In the event the Company must extend a gas main or gas service line though privately owned property, an easement must be supplied to the Company by the owner, without charge to the Company, allowing the gas service line to be installed. The purpose of the easement is to obtain legal permission from an owner to allow NV Energy Gas to install and service its facilities. Easements must also be supplied by builders for common driveways within their developments or in any case where the property on which the gas line is located will eventually belong to more than one owner. The easement must be recorded and filed by the customer with the appropriate Register of Deeds. The customer must provide a copy of both the legal description along with the appropriate site plan to NV Energy Gas before installation of the gas line is started.

Pays cash advance for NV Energy construction, signs the necessary agreements and returns all to Utility

Per Rule 9 filed with the Nevada Public Utilities Commission the Applicant shall pay to the Utility the full amount of any Advance at the time of execution of the Line Extension Agreement. Rule 9 has a more information on the advance.


Obtains all necessary permits from the appropriate inspection authority

Building permits for your construction project are required from the local City or County authority having jurisdiction in your area. It’s a good idea to determine who that authority is and contact them to discuss any permitting required when you make application with the Utility. A list of governmental agencies can be found on the contacts page.

Obtains signed easements from adjacent property owners for gas line extension
Stakes the trench and equipment locations.
Calls 811 to identify any existing underground utilities
Provides the trench per NV Energy design.
Inspects the trench. Approves if per NV Energy design
Schedules crew for construction of facilities
Inspects facilities. Approves if per NV Energy specs.
Schedules manometer test on interior piping with local governing agency. (Provide 48 HR notice.)

Your plumber will need to have a manometer test passed on your inside gas piping prior to any meter being set.

Obtains City or County gas approval (high pressure and manometer test OK)

Once your plumber has had a successful manometer test on your interior gas piping, and you have at least one appliance installed, the city or county building department needs to be notified. We must receive approval from that agency before we can set a meter. Many building departments relay this information to us at the end of each business day. If you call us on the same day of your inspection, we most likely will not have a record of the inspection yet. We must receive approval from that agency before we can set a meter.

Receives a city or county approval
Permanently marks address on the structure. For the types of markings approved by NV Energy, contact your Utility Design Consultant.
Sets a meter and energizes the service. Only authorized NV Energy employees shall energize a service.