Gas Conversion

Thank you for considering the use of natural gas for your energy needs.

Please be aware that NV Energy only offers gas service in Truckee Meadows.

Natural gas is the smart choice. Every year more than 400 consumers call us about using natural gas because using natural gas is safe, clean, and affordable and an efficient energy choice.

Consider the following benefits:

  • Reliable. Even during major power outages, gas ranges, Water heaters, and some fireplaces still work.
  • Safe. Natural gas is non-toxic, odorless and colorless in its natural state. Mercaptan, a harmless odorant, is added to create a clearly detectable scent.
  • Clean-burning, energy efficient and abundant. Natural gas is an ideal choice if you care about the environment.
  • Versatile. Natural gas is used not only for space and water heating, but also for other applications such as air conditioning, cooking, fireplaces, clothes dryers, barbecues, pools, spas, patio and deck heaters, outdoor decorative lighting, and emergency generators.

Converting to Natural Gas

Converting to natural gas is a joint project between you and NV Energy. You are responsible for your gas fuel line installation and your gas appliance hookup, which includes selecting heating and appliance dealers and contractors. NV Energy is responsible for installation of the gas service line and meter.

What natural gas appliances will be installed in your new home?

You need to decide what natural gas appliances will be installed so you can inform NV Energy of your estimated natural gas load. Your appliance/equipment dealer will evaluate your total natural gas load by estimating all gas appliance/ equipment use (immediate and future) by therms. Remember, besides space and Water heating, natural gas can be used for air- conditioning, clothes drying, cooking, pool and spa heating, barbecues, fireplaces, patio heaters, and generators. Be sure to consider all the options.

What is the cost of converting to natural gas?

The answer to this question will be different for every conversion customer. The total cost is affected by the following factors:

  • Whether you require a simple service hookup or main extension.
  • The one-time investment to buy and hookup your natural gas appliances.
  • How soon your natural gas use begins.
  • The payback period (the time it takes for energy savings to pay off your new equipment and gas installation costs, if any).

Gas Main Extension Costs

If a gas main is not available in front of your home, a gas main extension may be necessary. The cost, if any, for a main extension will be calculated by an NV Energy design coordinator. The following information is used to calculate the estimated cost:

  • Length of the proposed main extension
  • Square-footage (heated) and age of your home.
  • Intended uses of natural gas, such as furnace or hot water heater.
  • Number of initial customers requesting gas service along the proposed gas main route.
  • Purchase and installation costs of new appliances and equipment
  • To determine the total cost of converting your home to natural gas, we suggest you obtain an estimate from a heating equipment dealer and contractor for costs to purchase and install your natural gas appliances/equipment.
  • Before you sign a contract for the purchase and installation of your new gas equipment, make sure you know the cost, if applicable, to have a gas service line extension and/or gas main extension provided to your home. NV Energy will supply the service line and set the gas meter at your home. Your heating dealer will provide and install the gas equipment in your home and provide the gas fuel line from your gas meter to the equipment.

Bringing Natural Gas to Your Home

Service from an existing main

  • In many cases, a natural gas main already exists in the street in front of your home.
  • Running a service from an existing main is NV Energy’s most common gas installation.
  • A standard natural gas installation includes installing your natural gas service line and gas meter and turning on gas service.

Service with a main extension

If a natural gas main does not exist in front of your home, a gas main extension may be necessary. An NV Energy design coordinator will evaluate the feasibility of bringing natural gas service to your home.

Depending on the length of the extension, possible customers served and intended use, you may be eligible to participate in NV Energy’s Neighborhood Gas Tariff Program. This program promotes extending natural gas service to your area. In addition, the Program will:

  • Assign a specific representative to your project.
  • Develop a plan to extend natural gas to your area
  • Hold neighborhood meetings to generate interest and awareness of natural gas.
  • Provide material and information for homeowners to make informed decisions.
  • Expedite the design and installation of natural gas lines.

To initiate this process, contact NV Energy and ask for the Gas Conversion Program.

Scheduling your installation

Scheduling your installation will be based upon a mutually agreed upon time frame that is consistent with your needs, permit requirements and design criteria.

Selecting a gas meter location

Safe installation and operation of your gas service equipment is our primary concern. Your NV Energy Design Coordinator will assist you in choosing an approved natural gas meter location that is in accordance with regulatory requirements, and meetsNV Energy’s construction standards.