General Service Guidelines, Service Characteristics and Metering

Availability of Service

The type and/or size of service requested by a customer may not be available at a given location. Please contact the Company for information regarding availability of service prior to ordering new, additional or replacement equipment. Service may be available only through special negotiation and at the expense of the customer. Please be aware that NV Energy only offers gas service in Truckee Meadows.

Upgraded service

Prior to service being changed or relocated to supply new or existing load, contact NV Energy so that any potential costs for NV Energy’s portion of the work can be determined. All services and or meters being upgraded, (increased gas flow or pressure) or relocated must be brought up to current code and specification requirements. See the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 54 and 58, and National Plumbing Code (NPC) 49CFR, part 192.13 B.

Removal or Relocation of Service

Contact your local NV Energy office with requests for the removal and or relocation of existing gas facilities so that any potential costs for NV Energy’s portion of the work can be determined . Due to normal schedule times for NV Energy construction crews, a minimum of two weeks notice should be given to NV Energy prior to the date the facilities are to be removed and or relocated.

Number of Services

Generally, not more than one service will be installed to a building or structure.

Customer Requirements

Customers may be required to supply space for gas piping on private property and may be required to furnish and install bollards (or bumper posts) to adequately protect the meter set if deemed necessary by the local inspection authority and the Utility Design Coordinator of NV Energy Gas. Conduit for Commercial pulse Accumulator (CPA) meter reading installations and/or concrete meter support pads must also be installed in accordance with specifications furnished by the Company please refer to NV Energy Std # GM0040G for details. If additional paving or road restoration is required, charges will be passed on to the customer.

Residential and Commercial Service

Once the gas service line and meter set are installed, it is the customer’s responsibility to have the internal gas piping completed, tied into the necessary gas equipment and then tied to the exterior gas meter set. In order to set the meter, the heating system must be wired, the thermostats installed, and the permanent electrical power must be on. The flue pipe and all other necessary venting must be completed. Boilers and hot water tanks must be filled with water and permanent plumbing for this equipment must be in place. Two conditions MUST be met before NV Energy will set a gas meter: 1) NV Energy needs to receive the City/County approval of the manometer test. Please note that the City and County fax these approvals into NV Energy twice a day. To determine if the appropriate approval has been received by NV Energy for your specific address, please call the Contractor Hotline at 775-834-5590. 2) Your electric panel must be set and energized. To view the requirements necessary to energize an electric panel please refer to NV Energy Standards documents CM0001M, GM0001M, CI0001M.

Installation from the street main to the individual house foundation can be completed when the foundation is installed and backfilled to within approximately 6 inches of final grade, and a wall is in place. Water, sewer, or septic and electric conduit must be installed prior to the installation of the gas line. Natural gas services are activated with natural gas upon completion of installation of the gas service line. Please refer to NV Energy Std. TE0003, & TE0004 for minimum distances between gas and other utilities in a joint trench.

NV Energy will supply an as-built drawing of the main and gas line installation only upon request.

NV Energy will size all gas lines up to the new or existing meter set from the gas main, but will not size internal piping systems for a plumber or heating contractor.

Work performed by NV Energy Gas will be excavated and backfilled according to Company standards. Customers will be responsible for resurfacing on private property.

Customer Property Access

Meter sets and turn-ons are scheduled for weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If the service technician determines that the meter cannot be set due to customer requirements not being met, subsequent calls will be subject to NV Energy Gas’ normal charge service rates. When a Company service technician arrives at the site, they must be able to easily gain access to the building or to the roof.

Location of Service and Metering Equipment

The customer may request a specific location for the installation of the gas metering equipment, and the Company will consider this request, but the Company reserves the right to determine the location for installation of such equipment. Please refer to NV Energy standards, GM0010G, and GM0020G for acceptable meter locations.

Converting to natural gas

Standard System Characteristics

Natural gas service normally supplied by the Company is defined as Standard Pressure, typically ¼ pound or 7” Water Column (WC). Any pressure requirement in excess of ¼ pound will require a Non-Standard Pressure Request be submitted to NV Energy. In addition, the cities of Reno and Sparks require a Special Use Permit for any pressure over the standard ¼ pound. Please contact the Building Department at these locations if you have a Non-standard request.

Gas Metering