Volume 17 Electric Installation Guide Northern Nevada

These electric construction standards are based on current engineering practices and design considerations and represent our company's approved general methods for commercial and residential electric service installations. The standards and updates are only available online and let you print only the ones you need. Updates are listed in the first section below.

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Description Chapter/ File Name Date of Issue
    Electric Substructures Installation Guide Information INFORMATION  09/2007 
    Electric Installation Guide GENERAL 1  05/2004 
    Call Before You Dig Underground Service Alert GENERAL 2  05/2017 
    Installation of U/G Electrical Facilities in Residential Subdivisions RU0005U  02/2015 
    Underground Facilities Staking Requirements GI0001U  05/2004 
    Subdivision Public Utility Easement Staking Detail GI0002U  05/2004 
    Excavation and Trenching Safety Requirements GI0003U  05/2004 
    Trench Bedding and Backfill Specifications SUB01X  05/2016 
    Trench Excavation Standards TE0001U  07/2014
    Typical Trench Details TE0003U  04/2013 
    Street Crossing and Utilities Location Detail TE0004U  07/2016 
    Refurbished Trench Detail Only (Abandon Direct Burial) TE0005U  05/2004 
    Equipment Location Details - Residential TE0020U  04/2016 
    Electric Trench Hydrant Bypass Detail TE0045U  05/2005 
    Considerations for Horizontal Directional Drilling/Boring STR12U  08/2004 
    600V Underground Cable and Conduit Selection Guide CB0003U  05/2017 
    Conduit Installation Guide CD0001U  07/2016 
    Conduit Installation Beneath Buildings, Foundations, & Slabs CD0003U  05/2004 
    Conduit Application Guide CD0004U  11/2011  
    Conduit Application Standard CD0004U-SHT 27  07/2013 
    Marking Buried Electric Facilities CD0005U  06/2006 
    12" X 12" Street Light Box Non-Traffic Non-Concrete VB0050U  10/2015 
    17" X 30" Box Light Traffic Non-Concrete VB0052U  10/2015  
    30" X 48" Box Light-Traffic Non-Concrete VB0060U  04/2016  
    10" X 15" Box Non-Traffic Concrete (Maintenance Only) VB0050M  04/2015  
    17" X 30" Box H-10 Traffic Concrete (Maintenance Only) VB0052M  04/2015  
    17" X 30" BOX H-20 Traffic Rated Concrete (Special Use Only) VB0057M  06/2016  
    504 Vault Concrete Secondary & 1Phase Primary 50" X 50" X 44" I.D. VB0065U  03/2017 
    557 Vault Concrete Primary 49" X 79" X 61" I.D. VB0071U  03/2017 
    612 Vault Concrete Primary 6' X 12' X 7' I.D. VB0085U  03/2017 
    814 Vault Concrete Primary 8' X 14' X 12' I.D. VB0090U  10/2007 
    818 Vault Concrete Primary 8' X 18' X 12' I.D. VB0095U  10/2007 
    Design Guide for Customer Owned Transformer Vaults VB0100U  03/2015 
    Ladder, Ladder-up, Step Rung & Manhole Risers & Covers VB0105U  05/2002 
    Alternate Vault Grounding Detail VB0115U  05/2002 
    Pad & Well Details For Transformers, Switches, & Junction Enclosures Padmaster  11/2016 
    Transformer / Switch Pad-Field Cast Requirements PAD01X  09/2011 
    3 Phase Transformer Pad Field Cast Requirements PAD02X  09/2011 
    3 Phase Switch Pad Field Cast Requirements PAD03X  09/2011 
    Transformer Pad 1Phase 25-167kVA PE0001U  11/2016
    Transformer Pads 3 Phase - Radial / Looping 75-2500 kVA PE0003-06U  05/2017 
    Padmounted Apparatus Barrier Post - Residential & Commercial PE0009U  05/2004 
    Padmount Equipment Locations & Clearances PE0010U  03/2016
    200 Amp 3 Phase Switch Pad Details PE0012-15U  09/2011 
    600 Amp 3 Phase Pad Well Details PE0016-18U  09/2011 
    Primary Metering 200 / 600 Amp 3 Phase Pad Detail PE0023U  09/2011  
    Junction Enclosure Pad 1 Phase / 3 & 4 Wire, 3 Phase / 4 Wire PE0025U  09/2011  
    200 / 600 Amp 3 Phase Interrupter Pad Detail PE0030U  09/2011 
    O/H & U/G Street Light Base Detail Bolted Base Poles SLB02U_ODL30H  07/2005 
    Underground Decorative Street Light Base For 16'0" Poles SLB12U  05/2004 
    Retaining Wall Details And Slope Modifications For Padmounted Equipment & Vaults TE0040U  05/2014 
    Commercial / Industrial Services CI0001M  08/2011
    Overhead Electric Customer Owned Pole CP0001M  04/2017
    Cable Trench Installation Guide GI0011U  07/2005 
    Electric Service Requirements For Irrigation Services IS0001M  10/2013
    Overhead Electric Residential Service OS0001U  07/2016 
    Temporary Overhead Electric Service Pole OT0001M  05/2003 
    Mobile Home Service Requirements Electric & Gas UM0001M  05/2003 
    Underground Electric Residential Service US0001M  07/2017 
    Service Entrance Grounding US0002M  05/2003 
    Underground Electric Temporary Service Panel UT0001M  08/2008 
    Electric Metering Commercial & Industrial CM0001M  04/2014 
    Locked Metering Facility Key Box GI0004M  11/2015 
    Electric Metering General GM0001M  06/2015 
    Primary Metering PM0001M  09/2013 
    Electric Metering Residential RM0001M  10/2015 
    Electric Switchboards 0 - 600 Volts SB0001M  03/2014 

The construction of new or remodeled installations must conform to the provisions of city and county ordinances, rules on file with or issued by the Nevada Public Utilities Commission, and applicable rules of the state Nevada. In areas where there are no local governing ordinances, electric installations should meet the latest requirements of the National Electrical Safety Code, National Electric Code, and applicable Nevada regulations.

Electric service will be established only after completion of NV Energy's application/design process and the electric service facilities are satisfactorily installed. Local or State ordinances require that permits and final inspection be obtained before we can establish service. Contact your local NV Energy office for additional information or help.

For questions contact the Distribution Standards department at this address. NV Energy
Electric Distribution Standards
Mail Code R20SD
PO Box 10100
Reno, NV 89520

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