Additional Products and Services Southern Nevada

Temporary Disconnect/Reconnects (also known as Firsts & Lasts):

Provides temporary electrical service disconnects or reconnects for electrical panel repairs, replacements, or upgrades. To start the process to get scheduled, please fill out this application.

Public Works Project Request

A public works project is one that solely addresses the design, construction, and maintenance of roadways and highways, flood control facilities or traffic/safety management.  If you are a government agency and want to initiate a public works project with NV Energy, fill out the Public Works Project Information Sheet and present it with your submittal package.

Power Availability Information and Will Serve Letters

For Power Availability Information (a limited technical assessment of what it might take to a serve parcel) and Will Serve Letters (a generic letter that NV Energy will serve a parcel or parcel(s) of land use the Project Information Sheet.

Peak Demand Information Request

A peak demand form is used to request information about demand values in the event a customer wishes to expand his facility and add additional load. To request this information, fill out and send in this form.

Red Line Requests:

A request for a sketch that NV Energy provides to its customers that is meant to give a general idea of NV Energy underground facilities in a specific area. To initiate a red line request, please fill out a project information request. Additional information about red line requests can be found here.

Civil Plan Sign Off (Mylar):

A generic stamp stating that NV Energy has seen the plans placed on the civil drawing (Mylar). NV Energy facilities, easements and conflicts (plan and profile of conflicts) are required to be shown on Mylar prior to sign-off. You will need to fill out and send in an Applicant Mylar/Improvement Plans Certification and Acknowledgement form. Please note that this form must be signed by an authorized agent of the developer.

If a final map sign-off is required, please complete the Property Owner Final Map Acknowledgement form and proceed to Plan Submittals.

Meter Set Coordination:

Provides a single point of contact to manage the new meter set process. Applications for meter sets will be processed through the New Development Center.

For new meter applications, you will need to provide:

  • Customer name
  • Lot and block
  • Approved service address
  • Amperage of the meter socket

If you have any questions about our New Development Center, just call; We're here to help!

First Point of Contact for All New Projects:

NV Energy
7155 Lindell Road.
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 402-8400