New Development Center

for Southern Nevada


Submittal Forms

New Development Center

First Point of Contact
For All New Projects
7155 Lindell Road.
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 402-8400

The New Development Center is a central location where all builders/developers will go to begin a new project. These projects could be residential or commercial, no matter how large or small. Our mission is:

"Be Responsive To Customer
Growth By Performing The
Right Service, On Time, The
First Time"

The center will serve as the first point of contact to ensure timely communications regarding utility costs, time lines, and specific utility service alternatives.

Primary Products and Services

Discovery and Power Availability Services

The New Development Center will screen and analyze potential projects of any size based on project requirements including electric infrastructure, preliminary costs, projected capacities, in-service time lines and required customer and utility commitments.

Planning and Pre-Design Services

All new residential and commercial/industrial projects will benefit from our planning services that will focus on utility service alternatives and identification of electric utility system requirements to serve the project. The process will reserve electric system capacity for your project within 15 business days of project submittal via a formal planning document. Once you have notified the New Development Center to proceed with your project by executing a Design Initiation Agreement (DIA) and paying any applicable design advance (required within 20 business days of receipt of planning document) capacity reservation will be locked for a maximum of 60 business days to provide you time to receive Governmental Agency first review, finalize your project engineering, and schedule your project for Utility Design.

Submittal Forms
Note: Forms have been updated and can now be filled out electronically prior to email/fax submission.

Project Information Sheet

For all projects except Master Plan Umbrellas and Master Plan Addendum Feeders.

Project Information Sheet – MP

For Master Plan Community Umbrellas and Master Plan Addendum Feeders only.  For residential, commercial, or industrial projects within a Master Plan Community, use the standard Project Information Sheet above.

Project Specific Design

Once the planning phase of your project is complete and you are ready to begin a project specific utility design, we will assign a Project Coordinator to be your point of contact for the duration of the project life cycle. Project specific design will still be completed at our District Service Centers and your assigned Project Coordinator will work with you to ensure a successful design experience. To initiate the utility design process, contact your Project Coordinator to schedule a pre-design meeting (scheduled within a 10 business day period). Prior to your pre-design meeting you will need to provide your Project Coordinator with some additional required project information:

  • First comments on your project plan from governmental agencies
  • AC tonnage/load calculations
  • Panel sizes
  • Land research of potential service routes
  • Disk: civil/electrical site plans (Auto CAD file)

Once your project is ready for design we are committed to delivery within a 25 business day window. Once we have your approval for final design we will prepare the financial contract. The last step is for you to simply sign the contract and provide payment, if required.

Project Payment

New Development customers must make payments for new business projects at the New Development Center, 7155 Lindell Road or by mail at NV Energy, M/S B54 RN, P.O. Box 98910, Las Vegas NV, 89151.

All transactions must include:

  • Project payment
  • Signed copy of the contract
  • Copy of the statement advance credit due (invoice)

Also, the New Development Center only takes payments related to new development projects and does not accept bill payments.

If you have any questions about our New Development Center, just call; We're here to help.

7155 Lindell Road
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 402-8400