Meters Southern Nevada

The New Development Center will provide a single point of contact to manage the meter set process for new customer hook-ups. The meter set process was redesigned to centralize new meter coordination including the establishment of new service applications, coordination of governmental panel approvals, and communicating to the customer when their project is energized.

The new process will provide consistent and timely information to our Field Service Reps when its time to set a new meter.

Step 1

When your project has been assigned final recorded addresses from the Governmental Agencies you will fax them to our New Development Center using our application for meter sets as the fax cover sheet (you can right click and choose save).
You can also scan and email them in to or you may bring the application to the New Development Center office.

Step 2

The New Development Center will also manage Governmental Agency Panel approval information. Agency approvals are now provided on a daily basis to the New Development Center. Once the approvals are received, the center will update the customer service application and wait for next step of the process.

Step 3

When the above steps are complete, NV Energy will attempt to set new meters within 72 hours. Please ensure the following items are ready at your job site. If these items are not complete it will delay the setting of your meter:

  1. Street signs in their permanent locations.
  2. Addresses clearly marked on the panel with a permanent marker; and where applicable, unit numbers are also marked for multi-family dwellings, commercial units and all single service entrances with multiple meters (meter banks). Additionally, unit numbers marked on the panels and breakers must match the markings on the doors and agency approved addresses.
  3. Work area must be free of potential safety issues.
  4. Must have unobstructed access to the panel.

All Developers registered on the Developer Dashboard can view the Meter Set Activity Report for their project which will display all information related to the meter set process.