Business Savings

Because you can never save too much, we're introducing a new service to help you save more on your energy bill.

The shift is on - powershift.

We've rebranded all our Energy Efficiency products and services under the new umbrella name, powershift. We've also renamed some of the offerings you may be familiar with to be more descriptive of what they actually do. For instance, mPowered is now Smart Thermostat. Smart, huh? We listened to you, our customers, and this is one of many things we're doing here at NV Energy to work smarter for you.

Business Products and Services

Products and Services

Making your business more energy efficient can help reduce high energy bills while improving your level of comfort. NV Energy offers a number of products and services designed to help our customers save electricity and money.

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Save Energy Tips

There are plenty of ways to reduce energy use and, consequently, save money.

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