Energy Tips for Business

There are plenty of ways to reduce energy use and, consequently, save money. Some are free, others require an investment. But don't forget, NV Energy also offers incentive programs to help offset the costs of some energy upgrades. Learn more about our incentives here.

With the help of a contractor, these steps could potentially save you another 25% on your monthly bill. Remember to do your research before you sign a contract or put down a deposit.
  • Change incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. Use T-8 fluorescents in overhead lighting.
  • Use electronic ballasts. They increase fluorescent lamp efficiency by up to 25% and increase light output by 10-15%.
  • Make sure there is enough insulation above the ceiling and in the walls.
  • Consider installing double pane or storm windows.
  • Install low-emissivity coatings to windows. Low-e coating is a thin transparent coating of silver or tin oxide on the glass surface or on a suspended plastic film, which lets short-wavelength sunlight pass through, but blocks longer-wavelength heat radiation.
  • Install skylights and use less artificial lighting.
  • Purchase ENERGY STAR®-labeled products. For more information and a list of vendors, visit the Energy Star Web site at:
  • Install ground source heat pumps, which transfer heat between the buildings and the ground. Despite the installation costs, they have low operating costs.
  • Install occupancy sensors and timers for lighting. Some areas that are used sporadically, such as offices, restrooms, and supply rooms, are good candidates for using sensors or timers. Lights are only on when someone is in the room, reducing unnecessary energy use.
  • Install an air conditioning economizer to bring in outside air when it's cool.