Business Energy Incentives


NV Energy offers incentives to help you upgrade your facilities so they can be as efficient as possible.

Energy Smart Schools

The Energy Smart Schools program helps Nevada schools reduce energy consumption, improve learning environments, and save money by implementing energy efficiency improvements in new and existing public, private and higher education schools. The Program helps schools identify cost-effective projects, offers design assistance, and provides financial incentives to help offset the cost of efficiency projects.

Sure Bet (Commercial Rebates)

For existing buildings, the Sure Bet Program offers prescriptive incentives for lighting, cooling, motors, refrigeration and vending machine controls. In addition, custom incentives are offered for any measure not covered under the prescriptive project that results in verifiable energy or peak-demand savings, and it also offers building optimization and small commercial direct install incentives and services. There are also incentives specifically designed for new construction projects, schools, irrigation customers, and small hotel/motels. For more specific details go to the Sure Bet section..

Commercial Pool Pumps (Southern Nevada)

The Commercial Pool Pump program is now part of the Sure Bet Commercial Rebate program.

IS-2 Interruptible Irrigation Service

IS-2 is a subsidized rate that NV Energy charges eligible agricultural customers who agree to interruptibleĀ  irrigation pump service during certain situations. This service is applicable to electricity used solely to pump water to irrigate land for agricultural purposes

Solar, Wind and Hydro Incentives

RenewableGenerations is an exciting opportunity for Nevada customers to take advantage of the most abundant natural energy source -- the sun - as well Wind and Hydro.

Non-Profit Conservation Grants

NV Energy’s Sure Bet Program is now accepting applications from Nevada-based non-profit agencies to fund energy efficiency retrofit projects to help reduce operational costs from energy consumption.