Energy Smart Schools Achievements


On July 13, 2006 a check presentation was held at Tonopah Middle School in Nye County. The check, for $11,660, is for a lighting retrofit performed in the school gymnasium removing Metal Halide fixtures and replacing them with new energy efficient T5 flourescent lights. The funding for this project is being provided by the Commercial Energy Services for Schools Project, one of the subcomponents of the NV Energy Commercial Energy Services Program.

The Tonopah Middle School is removing 24 existing HID lights that are 465 Watts each and replacing them with 24 T5 High Output fixtures that are 243 Watts. As a result the total demand savings of the project will be 5330 Watts, a 47% improvement over the exisitng lighting. Based on estimated annual usage time, the estimated enegy savings will be over 13,200 kWh per year. Without this rebate, the payback time for the project would be 8.8 years, with the rebate there will be no cost at all to the school district.


On January 10, 2006 the Energy Smart Schools Project held a check presentation at the Douglas County School District to present a rebate check for work the school district had performed over the last year. The incentive of $36,795 was awarded for projects undertaken at 3 seperate locations within the district.

The first project involved converting 36 Metal Halide fixtures with 36 T5 fixtures in the Carson Valley Middle School Gymnasium. This project will result in a demand savings of 7.96 kW and an estiamated energy savings of 24,676 kWh.

The second project entailed converting a cooling fan blower to a variable frequency drive (VFD) at the Pau*Wa*Lu Middel School. This project will result in demand savings of 9.48 kW and energy savings of 10,621 kWh.

The third project consisted of installing an energy management system (EMS) at two locations, JAcks Valley Elementary School and Pau*Wa*Lu Middle School. The new EMS will control all operations at the school including inside and outside lighting, and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) sytems.

Case Studies

Carson City School District * Eagle Valley Middle School
Douglas County School District * Carson Valey Middle School  * Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School
Elko County School District * Grammer #2 Elementary School
Esmerelda County School District * Goldfield Elementary and District Offices
Eureka County School District * Crescent Valley Elementary
Humboldt County School District * Winnemucca High School
Lyon County School District * Bus Heaters  * Yerington and Dayton High Schools
Mineral County School District * Mineral County Elementary School
Nye County School District * Tonopah Middle School
Pershing County School District * Motion Sensors
Storey County School District * Virginia City High School
Washoe County School District * Mendive Middle School