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Contractor Disclaimer

Any list (or specific name) of contractors is provided as a convenience for customers, and is presented for information purposes only. It does not constitute an endorsement of these contractors, nor a preference among these contractors. The customer is solely responsible for arrangements for, and results of, any work performed by the contractor. When selecting air conditioning equipment, customers are encouraged to consider manufacturer and service information for their specific application, including reliability and performance characteristics of the equipment, parts availability, warranty and maintenance agreements, service charges and related costs information. NV Energy does not endorse specific equipment manufacturers.

Participating Contractors do not work for NV Energy. Any services or products are the sole responsibility of the Contractor hired by the customer and are not approved, authorized, or endorsed by NV Energy. Any charges or lack of charges for services or products is an agreement between the customer and hired Contractor and are not regulated by NV Energy. This service may be modified or terminated without prior notice.

The lack of participation in this service on the part of any contractor does not reflect in any way on the quality or thoroughness of the contractor or the installation provided by the contractor.