Sure Bet Incentive Program

Energy costs are the most controllable operating expenses for most businesses. The Sure Bet program offers cash incentives and technical assistance to commercial customers to help them improve energy efficiency and save money on power bills.

Incentives are available for NV Energy’s commercial electric customers in new construction, major renovations, existing facility project improvements, and NV Energy commercial gas customers in the Reno-Sparks area.

  • Sure Bet incentives reduce your initial project costs

  • Energy efficiency improvements reduce your energy use and produce long-term savings

Application Process

  • Submit pre-notification application.
  • Sure Bet team reviews the application; conducts pre-inspections as necessary and reserves funding for eligible projects.
  • Complete project within reservation period
  • 90-day reservation period will be strictly enforced. Contact the Sure Bet team if your project is delayed.
  • Submit project completion agreement when project is finished.
  • Sure Bet team reviews request for payment; conducts post- inspections as necessary.
  • Incentive check will be issued 4-6 weeks after NV Energy approval

Questions: Contact a Sure Bet Program representative at 1-800-342-6335 or
email us at

Financing Options

The initial cash investment to purchase and install energy efficient equipment – even if the project is approved for a Sure Bet rebate – can short circuit an important project in the planning stages. Here are examples of financing options to consider for your project:

  1. Small and medium projects may be eligible for financial assistance through programs with the Small Business Administration

  2. The US Small Business Administration includes a list of banks offering SBA-guaranteed loan programs in Nevada. Additionally, you may direct your inquiries to the following Nevada SBA lending specialists:

Las Vegas Area

All Nevada Outside of Las Vegas

  1. New construction projects may be also eligible for financial assistance through Nevada State Office of Energy Green Building (LEED) Abatements

  1. Equipment manufacturers and suppliers sometimes offer financing options as well. Ask your contractor if equipment is available for a lease option.

  2. And don’t hesitate to contact your own lending institution (national or local bank, credit unions) for assistance with getting started on energy efficiency projects.

  3. Disclaimer: This information is provided as a courtesy. Any list of financial assistance is provided as a convenience for customers, is presented for information purposes only, and does not constitute an endorsement of these programs.

    Looking for Pool Pump Information?

    The Commercial Pool Pump program is now part of Sure Bet. Information about pool pump incentives is now listed in the Summary of Retrofit Incentives for Southern Nevada and in the Summary of Retrofit and Natural Gas Incentives for Northern Nevada.