Diversity Resources

Diversity is one of our company's core values. Our employees, therefore, appreciate and understand the importance of living and working in a diverse community. Our activities and events promote an environment of inclusion and provide an opportunity to learn from others. We are committed to promoting diversity as part our relationship with our community. As part of that commitment, we work to identify opportunities that foster and support activities that are respectful of, and responsive to diverse audiences.

Summer Camp Empowerment

NV Energy is proud to sponsor an eight-week program for community youth through The West Las Vegas Arts Center - Performing and Visual Arts Summer Camp for Kids (PVAC). The PVAC provides youth with opportunities for civic engagement and social justice projects through the disciplines of arts education. The summer youth program is located in the heart of the historical Westside community and is designed for students in the middle and beginning high school years

The program works to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills; increase communication with peers and adults; increase physical skills; develop a sense of personal identity; as well as develop personal values and a sense of accountability.

Performing and Visual Arts Summer Camp for Kids

Mayors Prayer Breakfast

Each year, mayors from Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas, and local government officials, come together with students from the Clark County school district to participate in the annual Mayors Prayer Breakfast. The Mayors Prayer Breakfast, is a community-enriched event that encourages unity, diversity, and development of leadership skills for youth. NV Energy sponsors the event and proceeds from the breakfast benefit Camp Anytown Las Vegas, a three-day intensive experience open to all local high school aged youth. Camps are based on the premise that youth need to be sensitized to the experiences of diverse groups if, as decision makers, they are expected to make fair judgments in improving the quality of life for the entire nation regardless of ability, ethnicity, faith/religion, and gender. Participants embrace religious diversity through a special interfaith candle lighting ceremony. It encourages our community to find creative solutions to the various challenges we face.

Mayors Prayer Breakfast

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

NV Energy annually supports a multi-cultural gathering hosted by the Northern Nevada Black Cultural Awareness Society on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. The gathering attracts a diverse group of community members who collectively celebrate the legacy of Dr. King.

Stewart Indian School Father's Day Pow Wow

NV Energy is also an annual supporter of the Stewart Indian School Father's Day Pow Wow.