NV Energy Foundation

NV Energy Foundation

Grant Procedures

Our Areas of Focus


How to Apply

  • Fund significant programs or initiatives that have lasting, positive impacts in the communities we serve
  • Fund initiatives with measurable outcomes and a high degree of funding accountability
  • Tie funding more closely to NV Energy’s business purpose
  • Strengthen relationships with 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and the community at large
  • Include the potential for employee volunteer involvement
  • Include the potential for collaborations with other organizations or businesses
  • Provide higher visibility and recognition opportunities for the NV Energy Foundation
  • Support quality of life indicators

Connecting With The Community Through The Power Of Giving

NV Energy is a Nevada-based subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy whose operating subsidiaries are engaged in energy and utility services worldwide. NV Energy maintains the NV Energy Foundation for the purpose of supporting philanthropic efforts. Through direct grants, scholarships and employee grant programs, the Foundation actively supports improvements in the quality of life in the communities NV Energy serves.

Recipients of NV Energy Foundation grants must be nonprofit organizations and be located within our service territory in the state of Nevada. Grants are identified through our “areas of focus” for philanthropic outreach.

You can find the grant application procedures here.

You can find eligibility requirements and FAQs here.


The NV Energy Foundation is committed to supporting the diverse communities in which it operates. We take this commitment very seriously by actively participating in community involvement in three ways — philanthropy, civic leadership and volunteerism. Giving back to the communities where we operate makes them better places to live and work, and in turn makes them better places to do business. We support the community through financial contributions as well as through community service. We measure our success through the eyes of our employees, our stakeholders, our customers, our business partners and our neighbors.

Areas of Focus

Through the NV Energy Foundation, we administer grants in support of projects that benefit four major areas: Education & Youth; Arts & Multicultural; the Environment; and Health and Human Services.

Learn more about our areas of focus here.

Performance Measures

The Foundation Administrator maintains a close relationship with the grantee. This relationship is characterized as a partnership rather than oversight because there is a mutual interest in improving the quality of life in the community. Rather than just accounting for the use of funding, we seek higher standards of outcome measurement. We encourage periodic assessment of a program’s performance.

Foundation governance

The Foundation is governed by an executive board led by our CEO and comprised of corporate leaders and local committees. The Foundation Board and committees are responsible for management and governance of philanthropic activities.

The Foundation Committees meet bi-monthly to review and approve Foundation budgets and grants. They establish and follow clear processes for receiving, reviewing and acting on grant applications that are consistent with our policies and purposes.