NV Energy Foundation Grant Procedures

NV Energy FoundationOur Areas of Focus



  • Fund significant programs or initiatives that have lasting, positive impacts in the communities we serve
  • Fund initiatives with measurable outcomes and a high degree of funding accountability
  • Tie funding more closely to NV Energy’s business purpose
  • Strengthen relationships with 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and the community at large
  • Include the potential for employee volunteer involvement
  • Include the potential for collaborations with other organizations or businesses
  • Provide higher visibility and recognition opportunities for the NV Energy Foundation
  • Support quality of life indicators

Foundation Grant Review Process

  • Requests are reviewed on the basis of established Foundation guidelines
  • Grant requests will be reviewed by NV Energy’s Foundation Committees on a bi-monthly basis
  • Foundation Committees can either authorize immediate funding, request additional information if needed to make a decision, or recommend that a written response be sent to the requesting agency declining funding
  • All eligible requests are given full consideration. Applicants are usually notified of a decision within 60 days
  • Table requests and smaller sponsorships are funded from a limited pool of Community Relations dollars outside of NV Energy Foundation funding
  • Funding in any annual cycle does not guarantee continued annual funding support
  • We do not accept e-mail, telephone or fax requests

The NV Energy Foundation Board reserves the right to change or withdraw this program without notice. NV Energy’s Foundation Board will determine the interpretations and administration of the provisions of the program.

Before Applying

Before applying, please review the guidelines and funding categories. If your organization does not meet these basic criteria, your request for sponsorship will not be approved.


Before applying, please review the funding guidelines and exclusions. Requests for support can only be considered for organizations, programs and activities that meet the basic criteria provided in the funding guidelines.

All grant requests must include:

  • Your organization’s name, address, telephone number, website address, e-mail contact information and contact person
  • A copy of your organization’s IRS certification of 501(c)(3) nonprofit status
  • A list of any NV Energy employees involved in your organization
  • A list of principals, officers and members of your organization’s Board of Directors
  • Complete budget for the project
  • Current financial

Please give a brief description of the following information:

  1. Describe your organization, its purpose, population served and geographic area of service.
  2. Describe your project and how it fulfills the mission and goals of your organization.
  3. Describe the need(s) you are addressing, the community or target population being served and a description of how the grant will be used, being sure to include anticipated results (No more than two brief paragraphs, please).
  4. Describe the purpose for which this contribution is requested.
  5. Include measures that tie your funding request to regional quality of life initiatives.  How will you measure the effectiveness of this program? What measures are in place to gauge your results? How will you quantify its success?
  6. Do you have plans to promote this program and grant? If so, please describe your public relations and media plan.
  7. What acknowledgment would the NV Energy Foundation receive for making a donation? (Note:  NV Energy employees and NV Energy Foundation committee members cannot accept tickets or any tangible items in exchange for NV Energy Foundation support of an organization.)


We do not consider grant requests that support:

  • Individuals
  • Tickets for contests, raffles or other activities with prizes
  • Religious organizations (unless the request specifically supports a program offered to the general public on a non–discriminatory basis and without regard to the recipient’s religious affiliation)
  • Film, television or video productions
  • Capital campaigns, endowment funds
  • Academic chairs or fellowships
  • Debt–reduction campaigns
  • Political and partisan organizations or events
  • Sports leagues and tournaments
  • Trips or tours for individuals or groups
  • Talent or beauty contests
  • Conferences

If your contribution request meets our guidelines, please submit your proposal. Proposals are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Decisions on proposals are generally made within two months of submission, depending on the request.

Conflicts of Interest

Beyond the legal requirements that forbid staff, Foundation Board Members and their families from profiting financially from any philanthropic grant or activity, the Board carefully reviews all circumstances in which there exists the possibility or appearance of conflict of interest. Our policies require staff and Board Members to disclose to their governing bodies the nature of any personal or family affiliation or involvement with any organization for which a grant is considered, even though such affiliation may not give rise to any financial or other conflict of interest.

How to Apply

The completed proposal should be directed to the NV Energy Foundation Administrator:

Northern Nevada

P.O. Box 10100
Reno, NV 89520

Southern Nevada                                                                                                                           

P.O. Box 98910                                                    
Las Vegas, Nevada 89151