Sponsorships and Table Events

How to Apply

Sponsorship requests are funded from a limited pool of Community Relations dollars outside of NV Energy Foundation funding.

Send sponsorship requests to:

Northern Nevada
Community Relations Manager
NV Energy
P.O. Box 10100
Reno, NV 89520

Southern Nevada
Community Relations Manager,

NV Energy
P.O. Box 98910
Las Vegas, NV 89151

NV Energy accepts written requests for table events or other sponsorships in which we will underwrite some or all of the event-related expenses in exchange for an opportunity to associate our name with the event. The demographics of the target audience for the event as well as the nature and purpose of the event are important considerations to NV Energy. As with all of our giving, we give strong preference to those requests that fall within our funding priorities. Requests are evaluated on whether the event or project fulfills one or more of the following criterion:

  • Addresses a key issue in the community
  • Improves quality of life for our customers
  • Helps our customers improve their financial stability
  • Fulfills a need for under served individuals
  • Brings a positive economic impact to the community