Privacy and Legal Issues

Personal use of NV Energy website

NV Energy and its subsidiaries (collectively "NV Energy") have prepared this website solely for the purpose of providing information to interested parties. While NV Energy has attempted, in good faith, to ensure the information presented in this website is accurate, there may be inadvertent (technical and factual) inaccuracies and typographical errors in the information presented. NV Energy disclaims all representations and warranties (both express or implied) regarding the accuracy, completeness and/or suitability of the information presented on this website for any purpose. In no event shall NV Energy be responsible for the consequences associated with use of this information. NV Energy reserves the right to make changes and corrections to the information provided on this website at any time, without notice.

NV Energy hereby authorizes you to view, copy, download, and print NV Energy documents that are available on this website, subject to the following conditions:

  • The documents may be used solely for personal, noncommercial, and informational purposes. The documents may not be modified. The following copyright notice and permission notice must appear in each document: "Copyright © 2017 NV Energy All rights reserved. Protected by the copyright laws of the United States and international treaties."
  • Copyright, trademark, and other proprietary notices may not be removed.

You may not reproduce, copy, or redistribute the design or layout of the NV Energy website, individual elements of the website design, or NV Energy or any of its subsidiaries logos without the express written permission of NV Energy

Commercial use of NV Energy website materials and screen shots

Reproduction, copying, or redistribution for commercial purposes of any materials or design elements on the NV Energy website is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of NV Energy Permission is granted only when certain limited criteria are met. To request such permission please send an email and include the following information in the body of the message:

  • The NV Energy content you wish to use. Where and how will it be used (for example, a book cover, an advertisement, or a brochure). Where and how copies will be distributed and to what audience. How many copies will be produced and distributed. When you intend to publish. Other non-NV Energy materials that will be associated with the NV Energy content.
  • Your name, title, company, address, email address, and phone number.

We will evaluate your request as soon as possible. NV Energy reserves the right to refuse permission to copy, distribute, broadcast, or publish any of its copyrighted material.

Licensed logo use

Use, reproduction, copying, or redistribution of NV Energy logos is strictly prohibited without written permission from NV Energy If your organization has a preexisting agreement with NV Energy, that agreement, along with the specific guidelines for each logo, will specify your rights and obligations regarding use of NV Energy logos. If you do not have an existing agreement with NV Energy, you do not have permission to use NV Energy logos. If you have additional questions, please contact NV Energy

Downloading files/software

All files/software and accompanying documentation made available for download from this website is the copyrighted work of NV Energy or its suppliers. Software and documentation ownership is retained by the copyright holder. Ownership is not transferred to you; rather, you are licensed to use the software and documentation. The use of any such software or documentation is subject to the terms of a license agreement. Please read the license agreement that accompanies each product and indicate your agreement to those terms prior to downloading.

Privacy notice

NV Energy is committed to maintaining your privacy on the Internet and protecting your personal information in the same fashion we protect our employees and company information. Should you have any concern about the information you provide to NV Energy, please contact us and we will work with you to satisfy your privacy needs.

We adhere to the following privacy policies:

  • NV Energy collects your personal information only with your informed consent.
  • NV Energy uses your information for personalization, identification, communication and in the conduct of business at our request.
  • NV Energy does not sell or distribute your personal information without your express consent.
  • You always have the right to request that your personal information be removed.

Ways to protect your privacy

  • Never share your NV Energy account number, logins or passwords with anyone who you don't want accessing your account. Use caution in sharing your email address, or other personal information, in our chat rooms and on our message boards. Know that NV Energy chat rooms and message boards are generally viewable by the public, unless otherwise noted, and any information posted within these areas may be retrieved by persons unknown to NV Energy If you have any concerns or doubts about posting information to any of our chat or message boards, please contact us prior to doing so. Messages posted on our message boards can not be removed unless specifically requested of NV Energy
  • NV Energy may record the dialogue of chat and message boards to make available to persons who missed an event or do not have access to that resource.


The NV Energy website is designed to facilitate the providing and sharing of information. We do this to enhance communications, make informed decisions, and offer Internet-specific services for our customer and shareholders. To do this, it is often required to ask of our users to provide information that may be considered "private" in nature.

NV Energy complies with industry standards for protecting the privacy and personal information of the users of our website. NV Energy internally reviews our compliance with these standards on a periodic basis.

NV Energy may, at times, provide aggregate data to our partners and clients to better serve our customers. In all cases, the provision of such data is in compliance with the rules, regulations and laws of the Public Utilities Commission, federal, state and local government. NV Energy never provides our clients with information that could be used to identify you personally, without first obtaining your express consent. Any data that we may use is always presented in a format that retains the personal privacy of our users.

At times, NV Energy asks for your email and other contact information in order to provide you with information and/or fulfillment that you request, notification of news, promotions, events, financial, investor, economic, and regulatory information. Your email and contact information is used to contact or service you with information or service that you have requested to receive. At all times, you may request to be removed from such distribution by contacting us directly. Your personal contact information is not shared with any outside company or person unless it is specifically stated as part of that request process.

We train all employees in the aspects of maintaining privacy. Further, we ensure that the tools necessary for maintaining such privacy are available.

We or our third-party service providers also collect IP addresses and related information such as: originating and destination information; date and time stamps of communications; indicators of the type of operating system; hypertext protocol headers; application client and server banners; and information about the type of request, such as whether it is requesting or sending data. We or our third-party service providers organize and analyze these types of information to support our internal operations, including maintaining functionality of the websites and diagnosing website issues, analyzing trends, providing more efficient service, maintaining and/or enhancing security for users and the websites, producing traffic volume statistics, and making the websites and our infrastructure more useful and secure. In an effort to protect the security of our critical infrastructure, any use of a website or information relating to such use (as described above) may be monitored and disclosed to federal authorities or agencies without further notice to you.

We also use "cookies" in certain instances within the website. This is done only to facilitate a more convenient environment and enhance your experience within the website. At any time you may remove the cookies we place within your browser by accessing your "cookies.txt" file and deleting those cookie entries. Check your browser's help file for more information on how to manage your cookies to protect your privacy. Finally, any personal profile of you that we maintain for website specific use may be removed by contacting us directly.

The web is based on hypertext links. It is what makes the web so useful for communicating information. Often, NV Energy will provide links to websites of persons and companies outside of NV Energy control. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and procedures maintained by these external sites, including whether they collect and sell personal information about users. We suggest contacting these sites directly for information on their data collection and disbursement policies.