Doing Business With Us

The long-term strategy of the Supply Chain Management department at NV Energy includes the creation of extended enterprise with our suppliers dedicated to continuous improvement and cooperation.

NV Energy is continually competing and acquiring reliable, affordable power supplies for its customers. View our various RFPs (Request for Proposal) for Energy Supply, Demand Response and Renewable Energy.

Retail Open Access
Made possible with the passage of AB661 during the 2001 Nevada Legislative session. If you are a commercial, industrial or government entity with an average annual consumption greater than one megawatt (8,760,000 kWh) -- you may be eligible to purchase energy, capacity and ancillary services from providers of new electric resources.

Qualifying Facilities
NV Energy follows the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 and is open to negotiating Power Purchase Agreements for resources that qualify under the provisions of the Act and the Nevada Administrative Code.