Getting Started

Who's Eligible

Eligible customers must have an average annual consumption of electricity of 1 MW or greater and are grouped into two classes. The commercial/industrial customers have a requirement that this level of consumption occur on a contiguous property, whereas government entities can combine facilities under a common budget and control. For more detailed information on eligibility click here.

The Application Process - What's Required

There are a number of requirements associated with applying for service as a Retail Open Access eligible customer.

General requirements include:

  • Demonstrate that the eligible customer qualifies
  • Demonstrate that the energy supplier is a new electric resource.
  • Demonstrate that the proposed transaction is in the public's interest and has no negative impacts on the remaining customers or the Utility per NRS 704B.310 / NAC 704B.410.

Process steps include:

  • Filing a PUCN Letter of Intent
  • Applying for required Transmission services
  • Applying for required Distribution services
  • Filing an Application with the PUCN

Please click here for more details about the application process.

Data Required

The data required for each component of the Application process is outlined as follows.

PUCN Letter of Intent
The Letter of Intent filed with the 1) Utility, 2) Commission Staff, and the 3) Bureau of Consumer Protection must contain the information specified as per NAC 704B.330.

Applying for Transmission Service
Information pertaining to applying for transmission service is under the Transmission Section.

Applying for Distribution Services
The distribution application information can be determined by contacting your Retail Open Access Major Accounts Executive.

Filing the PUCN Application

The PUCN Application requirements are detailed in NRS 704B.310.

Regulatory Approval

The PUCN is required per NRS 704B.310 to issue an order on Applications within 90-days of their filing.