Pro Forma Transmission Application in Tariff
The Pro Forma Transmission Application can be found in the NV Energy Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT). The OATT can be found under the Tariff folder and is the first document link:

Open Access Same-Time Information System

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it necessary for an Eligible Customer of Retail Open Access to obtain their transmission service separately?

The Eligible Customer is now applying to take unbundled electrical service. In addition to obtaining a new energy resource, the Eligible Customer is now required to obtain both transmission and distribution services individually.

This is one of the required steps for an Eligible Customer in the Retail Open Access process. In order to receive energy from a new provider, it is necessary to apply for and obtain transmission service from the Transmission Provider. The Eligible Customer's transmission service must also be obtained through the use of a Scheduling Coordinator. A Scheduling Coordinator acts as an agent of the Eligible Customer for transmission service and does not need to be the Eligible Customer's energy provider.

What are the specific steps that need to be completed for the transmission services agreement?

Eligible Customers must apply for transmission service though their Scheduling Coordinator for the desired transmission service. Additional information for this process is located on the Utility's OASIS Transmission Services website and is contained in the utility's Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) see link below:

How long does it take to obtain the necessary transmission services agreements?

The Transmission Application process can take from 120 to 240 days to complete depending on the complexity of the services requested. However, factors could extend this timeline. Additional time may be required if facilities need to be constructed in order to meet the transmission request before an Eligible Customer can take transmission service.


It's important to note that the time to obtain transmission service may extend beyond the time that is required to obtain State approval to obtain energy from another supplier under Retail Open Access.

Are there any issues with obtaining transmission service associated with Retail Open Access?

Yes, transmission constraints may delay an Eligible Customer from obtaining the transmission service requested until additional facilities can be constructed.

Why are there transmission constraints?

Importing 100% of customer's requirements adds additional load to an already constrained transmission system. The current transmission system was not designed to import 100% of any customers' energy requirements. The current transmission system is a product of a least-cost resource planning process and is designed to optimize capacity and maximize system reliability, thereby reducing the costs of both facilities investment and operating dollars for the customer. Actually, the current system blends the utility's generation and energy imports to meet all customers' requirements and at the same time make optimal use of the transmission system.