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Supply Chain Strategy

The long-term strategy of the Supply Chain Management department at NV Energy includes the creation of an extended enterprise with our suppliers dedicated to continuous improvement and cooperation. Our vision is to be a world-class supply chain organization that fully meets the sourcing and logistics needs of our internal customers while increasing shareholder value.

Supplier Diversity

NV Energy recognizes that diverse businesses are vitally important to the overall success of our company. We are committed to fostering an inclusive procurement process that is accessible and fair to all suppliers based on their ability to meet the company's performance, price and quality requirements.

Our employees are responsible for identifying, qualifying, selecting and managing the procurement process for goods and services to assure that qualified diverse suppliers are appropriately included. Our employees must comply fully with all company policies and practices relating to the inclusion of diverse suppliers.

We also strongly encourage our prime contractors and major suppliers to support supplier diversity by creating a competitive procurement process that provides opportunities to the greatest extent possible for diverse supplier sub-contractors and businesses.

Excellence in supplier diversity will lead to excellence in procurement while providing opportunities for success to a wide and diverse range of businesses in the communities we serve.

Procurement Policy

In support of our vision, NV Energy suppliers will procure quality products and services that satisfy performance requirements. Procurement decisions will be made on the basis of quality, cost, reliability, delivery, field support, safety and other pertinent criteria.

NV Energy suppliers will seek and develop business relationships with suppliers that are capable of satisfying our requirements, financially sound, and committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We welcome supplier recommendations for standardization and alternatives that reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction.

NV Energy suppliers promotes ethical behavior and will ensure that our agents and representatives demonstrate impartiality, fairness, and confidentiality in all transactions.

Insurance Requirements

Listed below is an example of the general NV Energy Request for Proposal Insurance clause/requirements that are required to perform work with NV Energy. However, there are various coverages that may or may not apply such as riggers, professional and or pollution coverages. Some work may require higher or less limit requirements in various coverage requirements.

(1.1) During the Term, Contractor shall maintain the following insurance policies in full force and effect:

(1) General commercial liability insurance ("CGL") having a combined $2 million single limit for each occurrence and $2 million in the annual per project aggregate; provided that Contractor may meet those limits with a combination of a CGL policy and an umbrella policy; provided further that those policies will include products liability and completed operations coverage that stays in full force and effect for at least two (2) years after Final Acceptance.

(2) Automobile liability insurance, having a combined $1 million single limit;

(3) Workers' compensation insurance in accordance with statutory requirements;

(4) Employer's liability insurance having the following limits: (i) $1 million per each bodily injury by accident; (ii) $1 million per each employee bodily injury by occupational disease; and (iii) $1 million in the annual aggregate per each bodily injury by occupational disease;

(5) Professional liability insurance having a $2 million limit per claim made in the annual aggregate and a 1-year extended reporting provision, which may be met with subcontractors insurance;

(6) Pollution liability insurance with limits of $2 million;

(7) Rigger or crane operator liability insurance with limits of $5 million, which may be met with subcontractors insurance; and

(8) Excess/umbrella liability insurance having a minimum limit of $5 million each occurrence and aggregate where applicable on a following form basis to be excess of the insurance coverage and limits required in employer's liability insurance, commercial general liability insurance and automobile liability insurance. Contractor shall provide notice to Company, if at any time the full umbrella limit required under this Contract is not available, and purchase additional limits, if requested.

(1.2) Each insurance policy will be issued by an insurer that is approved to do business in the State of Nevada and is A.M. Best Company A- (minus) rated or better and will include the following provisions and endorsements:

(1) Naming Nevada Power Company or Sierra Pacific Power Company, d/b/a NV Energy, as additional insured on all liability policies, including all products liability and completed operations coverage;

(2) Stating that the insurance policy is primary insurance with respect to Company's interest and that any insurance Company maintains is excess and not contributory insurance;

(3) Providing Company with waivers of subrogation on all coverage except professional liability insurance coverage;

(4) Providing for separation of insured coverage in the CGL and automobile liability insurance policies; and

(5) If any policy is an occurrence based policy and is converted to a claims made form policy, the new policy will be endorsed to provide coverage retroactively to a date acceptable to Company.

(1.3) Contractor must provide Company 30 Days prior written notice of any modification or cancellation of any insurance policy.

(1.4) On the effective date of this Contract, at every expiration, and at Company's request, Contractor will provide to the Company's Agent a current and valid certificate of insurance verifying that all required insurance coverage and endorsements are in full force and effect. The certificate of insurance shall reference the applicable Company contract number.

(1.5) Contractor's failure to comply with any provision of this ARTICLE 15, INSURANCE will be a material breach of this Contract.

Standard Payment Terms

Standard payment terms for NV Energy suppliers are net 30 days for all materials and services.

Invoicing Requirements & Payment Information

The NV Energy Accounts Payables department has automated systems in place to promptly and accurately process invoices that meet our invoicing requirements. Invoices that do not meet the processing requirements could be paid late or the invoice may be returned to the vendor.