Invoicing Requirements & Payment Information

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No registration is required. You'll need the invoice number (containing any leading zeros), the invoice date, and the invoice amount.

Send Email Invoices to our secure mailbox:
(one pdf invoice per email)

Mail Paper Invoices to:

NV Energy Inc.
Attn.: Accounts Payable
PO Box 10100
Reno, NV 89520-0100

Nevada Power Company
NV Energy
D.B.A. Nevada Power Company

Attn.: Accounts Payable
PO Box 10100
Reno, NV 89520-0100

Sierra Pacific Power Company
NV Energy
D.B.A. Sierra Pacific Power Company

Attn.: Accounts Payable
PO Box 10100
Reno, NV 89520-0100

The NV Energy Accounts Payables department has automated systems in place to promptly and accurately process invoices that meet our invoicing requirements. Invoices that do not meet the processing requirements could be paid late or the invoice may be returned to the vendor.

NV Energy’s Invoicing Requirements

  • A valid NV Energy purchase order (PO) number – including the leading zeros;
  • For invoices with PO release numbers, please combine the PO number with the Release number, but precede the release number with the letter "R".  For example: Purchase Order 00123456 with a release of 00012 will now be 00123456R00012;
  • For emailed invoices, NV Energy accepts only one invoice per email in PDF format. Multiple invoices contained in one email, or invoices in any format other than PDF will be rejected, unprocessed, and returned to the sender;
  • Invoices for material only – a reference to the PO Line Number and Schedule Number for each Invoice Line;
  • The full name of NV Energy’s personnel who requested the expenditure (to the extent available);
  • Contractor’s legal entity name and mailing address; full name, title, and telephone number of its contact person;
  • Contractor’s remittance address if different from its mailing address;
  • A unique invoice number;
  • Invoice date, its due date, payment terms, and, if offered, the early payment discount terms;
  • Separate invoice lines for material and labor (when applicable) with appropriate tax applied to material portion only; Freight shown as a separate line item, as applicable – if freight exceeds $250, attach supporting documentation showing breakdown of freight costs;  Note:  The State of Nevada does not collect sales tax on freight charges; accordingly, please separate freight charges on all invoices.
  • Tax shown as a separate line item, as applicable;
  • Miscellaneous charges included as separate line item;
  • Total invoice amount; and any supporting back-up documentation; and
  • Shipping date, ship to address, and shipping method.
  • Send invoice to: NV Energy, Accounts Payable Processing Center, P.O. Box 10100 Reno, NV  89520-0024

Invoices that cannot be processed for failure to comply with any of the above requirements may be returned for rebilling. Applicable discounts may be taken when delays are caused by billing non-compliance.

Additional Requirements

  • Payment Terms:  Any deviation from agreed upon standard payment terms must be communicated in writing and agreed to by the Purchasing Department prior to invoicing.

  • Discounts: Indicate the discount due date and/or the net due date.

  • Debit Balances: Due to changing business relationships, we sometimes find a vendor in a debit balance position (Vendor owes NV Energy). Should this occur, and the balance has not been cleared within 45 days of ongoing business, NV Energy requires the vendor to refund the debit balance by check. Please indicate the invoice(s) associated with the debit balance refund.

  • Sales/Use Tax: Vendors licensed to collect sales tax in the state of Nevada should do so at the applicable state and county rate. For all others, use tax will be accrued and paid to the state at the appropriate rates. Occasionally, invoices are received containing sales tax calculated at an incorrect rate. In these cases, NV Energy will correct the tax and short-pay the invoice. An informational stuffer will be included with the payment if made via check.

  • NV Energy does not short-pay invoices for pricing discrepancies. The vendor will be contacted by a purchasing agent to resolve the issue. If the pricing is found to be incorrect on the vendors invoice, a corrected invoice should be sent to NV Energy containing the following:
    • The current date of the corrected invoice (do not use the date the original invoice was generated)
    • New invoice number.
    • Original invoice number referenced on the corrected invoice
  • Account Inquiries:  For your convenience, payment history and rejected invoice information are available from our invoice application:

    You do not need to register but you do need:
    • Invoice number (containing any leading zeros)
    • Invoice date
    • Invoice amount


If you are currently receiving invoice payments via paper check and are interested in receiving payment via Automated Clearing House (ACH), please submit a completed ACH Payment Request Form. The form must be signed by a company officer (CEO, President, Vice-President, CFO, Treasurer, Controller), Credit Manager or Accounting Manager and returned to us by one of the following methods:

  • Fax it to : (775) 834-3561

  • Mail it via the US Mail at:
    NV Energy, Inc.
    PO Box 10100
    Reno, NV  89520-0100

We will electronically submit our one-time payment directly to your bank account and you will receive a remittance advice via email.