What We Buy

This list represents just some of the items that we buy. It is not an exhaustive list and is subject to change.

Services Products
Advertising  Abrasives 
Appraisals  Advertising Specialty Items 
Boiler Construction  Air Conditioning Units 
Construction  Automobiles 
Courier Services  Batteries 
Electrical Maintenance  Bearings 
Engineering Consultants  Belts 
Environmental Services Building Supplies 
Extermination  Chemicals 
Financial Consultants  Compressors 
Fleet Services Computer Hardware & Software
Heavy Equipment Rental  Electric Motors 
Information Technology Consultants Electrical Supplies 
Janitorial Services  Fasteners 
Landscaping  Filters 
Legal Consultants  Generators 
Maintenance  Hoses 
Personnel Consultants  Industrial Fans 
Plant Maintenance Services Instrumentation 
Plumbing Maintenance  Janitorial Supplies 
Printing  Lighting Products 
Public Relations Services  Material Handling Equipment 
Right-of-Way Clearing  Metals (aluminum, steel alloys) 
Security Guards  Office Equipment/Furniture Supplies 
Substation Construction Oils and Lubricants 
Temporary Personnel  Paint 
Transmission Paper Products 
Tree Trimming  Pole Line Hardware 
Safety Equipment 
Turbine, Boiler & Valve Repair
Valves/Piping & Fittings 
Welding Supplies 
Wire and Cable 
Wood Poles