is Paramount

NV Energy takes service reliability very seriously. Such efforts include skilled and safe work in the field by men and women who quickly respond to power outages caused by severe weather or vehicle accidents. Hundreds of other maintenance workers keep our generating stations in top condition.

Many employees look months and years ahead at energy usage trends, and others watch on a second-by-second basis to assure we have the power or natural gas that is so essential to our customers.

How does NV Energy’s service reliability compare to others?

  • NV Energy ranks in the top 25% of all utilities, according to the Edison Electric Institute’s "System Average Interruption Frequency Index" and the "System Average Interruption Duration Index" comparisons.

What does NV Energy do specifically to assure energy is always available to customers?

In the past few years, NV Energy has more than doubled its self-owned and self-operated generating plants. This gives the company much more flexibility and control, compared to cost and reliability risks associated with buying power from external sources.

  • The company is always rebuilding dated power lines and replacing related equipment (poles, cross-arms, transformers, switches, etc.) that have reached the end of their useful life. These projects range from Reno to Elko to Las Vegas and will maintain or improve power reliability, as well as protect public safety.
  • NV Energy has been a pioneer in the field of renewing underground cable without interrupting service to customers. The reliability-improvement process involves injecting the internal portion of underground distribution cable with a silicone-based fluid that re-insulates the cable and extends its life for 20 or more years.
  • To reduce wildlife-caused power outages and to protect birds in rural agricultural areas, NV Energy is using different types of power poles and reconfiguring cross arms that eliminate the bird’s’ ability to nest on electrical equipment.
  • Safe and optimum natural gas service to customers is being enhanced by NV Energy’s removal and replacement of approximately 600 existing mainline natural gas valves annually over the next 10 years from its gas distribution system located in the Reno-Sparks area. Operational and maintenance savings are expected, as well as a reduction in leaks.

In the past few years, NV Energy has aggressively expanded opportunities to serve its customers with Nevada renewable energy resources. More than 40 solar, geothermal, wind, hydro and other local renewable energy projects help keep the power flowing to customers.