Three Part Strategy

NV Energy's three-part strategy to meet the energy needs of Nevada includes energy efficiency programs, renewables and new generation.

NV Energy's three-part strategy to meet the energy needs of Nevada includes energy efficiency programs, renewables and new generation.

NV Energy has a three-part strategy to meet the energy needs of Nevada:

  1. Increasing energy efficiency and conservation to provide our customers with tools to lower their bills while improving the environment;
  2. Expanding renewable energy initiatives and investments that have already made us a national leader;
  3. Adding new, efficient generating plants and transmission lines that will use the best available technology to benefit our customers and our environment.

All three of these are integral to our goal of providing clean, safe, reliable electricity to our customers at reasonable and predictable prices. They work in tandem in that none individually can achieve this goal.

Strategy OneIncreasing energy efficiency and conservation

These programs produce value by allowing customers to reduce energy use. Over the past two years NV Energy has invested approximately $120 million in energy efficiency and conservation effort.

The results have been measurable:

  • 484,643 MWhs avoided in 2009
  • Enough for about 35,000 homes
  • 1,500,121 MWhs avoided between 2001-2009
  • 400 MW of demand reduction
  • 1,013,354 metric tons of CO2 avoided in 2009
  • Equivalent to removing 163,710 cars from the road

Strategy TwoExpanding our renewable energy initiatives and investments

In 1997, Nevada was one of the first states to have a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). Today, we have one of the most aggressive Portfolio Standards in the nation. By 2025, 25 percent of our energy must come renewable energy. One quarter of that total may come from energy efficiency and conservation. We see the RPS as a floor, not a cap, because Nevada is blessed with abundant renewable resources in the form of geothermal, solar and wind energy, the most per customer of any state in the country. Here are some facts:

We are currently involved in dozens projects

  • NV Energy has more than 1,240 MW of renewable energy under contract or under development.
  • Our company currently has more than 20 geothermal plants in service or under contract.
  • Three geothermal plants completed in 2009 added 120 MW.
  • The 64 MW Nevada Solar One project in operation near Las Vegas was the largest solar energy plant built in the United States in 16 years when it began operation.
  • The 12 MW photovoltaic facility at Nellis Air Force was the largest project of its kind in North America and one of the largest in the world when it began operating.
  • NV Energy is a joint venture partner in a 200 MW wind project planned for northeastern Nevada.
  • Other renewable developments include a 5.8 MW waste heat recovery project on the Kern River natural gas pipeline near Goodsprings, NV, and biomass projects totaling more than 13 MW at two Nevada landfills.

Strategy Three Adding new, efficient generating plants and transmission lines

Since the beginning of 2006, NV Energy has been actively adding traditional generating capacity. The total additional power from these three plants more than doubled our owned generating capacity for NV Energy customers, increasing from 2,423 MW on Jan. 1, 2006, to 5,581 MW on Dec. 31, 2009. These generating resources are highly efficient because they use less natural gas and water to produce power than older plants. This makes these plants good for our customers and the environment.

Plans for the One Nevada Line, or ON Line, transmission project will connect our northern and southern electric systems for the first time, creating infrastructure that is necessary for the full realization of the development potential of our state’s significant geothermal, wind and solar renewable energy resources. This transmission connectivity will also improve operational efficiency by maximizing the significant investment we have made in electric generation assets throughout the state, both fossil fuel and renewable— generation capacity that NV Energy has built and acquired in Nevada for Nevadans to ensure our state’s energy independence.