IS-2 Interruptible Irrigation Service



IS-2 is a subsidized rate that NV Energy charges eligible agricultural customers who agree to interruptibleĀ  irrigation pump service during certain situations. This service is applicable to electricity used solely to pump water to irrigate land for agricultural purposes. Agricultural purposes include growing crops, raising livestock or for other agricultural uses which involve production for sale, and which do not change the form of the agricultural product pursuant to NRS 587.290.

How it Works

  • To qualify, IS-2 customers must meet eligibility requirements and agree to the IS-2 Contract. In order to maintain IS-2 rates, customers must re-certify every 3 years.
  • IS-2 customers must agree to have interruption load control equipment installed by NV Energy on their irrigation equipment to initiate interruption to preserve system integrity during an emergency situation.
  • IS-2 customers must agree to interrupt service of irrigation equipment upon notification by NV Energy during irrigation season from March 1 ā€“ October 31. NV Energy will not shut down irrigation equipment except in an emergency situation.
  • IS-2 customers will be required to visually self-inspect their load control equipment to ensure that it is in good working condition and can safely respond to an automatic power interruption or a voluntary power interruption on an annual basis.
  • IS-2 rates are set by the PUCN on an annual basis and calculated by taking the lowest average rate charged by 17 entities that provide service in the State of Nevada.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The premise upon which a customer will receive service must be taxed under an agricultural assessment, pursuant of Nevada Revised Statute 361A.100 OR...
  • The customer must provide NV Energy a letter of determination from the Nevada Department of Agriculture that the property produces agricultural product or is used solely for agricultural use pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 587.290 OR ...
  • If the premise is located on governmental or tribal land and is not assessed by the county, a letter from the governmental or tribal agency on official letterhead signed by an appropriate representative detailing its agricultural use will be required.

Report an Outage

Call (775) 834-4100 to report an outage or emergency service issue. When contacting customer service, you will need to provide the meter number or the premise number for the pump. Please have this information readily available to enable our customer service representatives to identify the location of the service problem.

IS-2 Customer Service Information

NV Energy has established a dedicated customer service team to support the unique needs of our IS-2 Customers. Please contact the IS-2 Support Team using the information below.

IS-2 Customer Care (775) 834-4842
Toll Free (866) 241-2178
Emergencies (775) 834-4100


IS-2 Customer Care
M/S 29
6226 W. Sahara Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89146