Northern Nevada - Electric Rate Schedules

Schedule Title
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Table Table of Contents
DEAA Deferred Energy Accounting Adjustment
EE Energy Efficiency
REPR Renewable Energy Program Rate
MC Miscellaneous Charges
TAR Tax Adjustment Rider
SCE Service to Company Employees
RATES Statement of Rates
D-1 Domestic Service
DM-1 Domestic Multi-Family Service
NSMO-1 Non-Standard Metering Option- Residential
NSMO-2 Non-Standard Metering Option - Non-Residential
OD-REVRR-TOU Residential Electric Vehicle Recharge Rider – Time-of-Use
ODM-REVRR-TOU Residential Multi-Family Electric Vehicle Recharge Rider - Time-Of-Use
OLM-AS Optional Load Management and Automation Services Rider
D-1-NEM Domestic Service-Net Metering
DM-1-NEM Domestic Multi-Family Service-Net Metering
OD-1-TOU-NEM Optional Domestic Service -Time-Of-Use-Net Metering
ODM-1-TOU-NEM Optional Domestic Multi-Family Service-Time-Of-Use-Net Metering
GS-1-NEM Small General Service - Net Metering
OGS-1-TOU-NEM Optional Small General Service Time-Of-Use-Net Metering
OD-1-CPP Optional Domestic Service Critical Peak Price
OD-1-PDU Optional Domestic Service Planned Demand Use
ODM-1-CPP Optional Domestic Service Multi-Family Critical Peak Price
ODM-1-PDU Optional Domestic Service Multi-Family Planned Demand Use
GS-1 Small General Service
GS-2 Medium General Service
GS-2-TOU Medium General Service - Time of Use
GS-3 Large General Service
OGS-EVRR-TOU General Service Electric Vehicle Recharge Rider – Time of Use
WP City of Elko Water Pumping
IS-1 Irrigation Service
IS-2 Interruptible Irrigation Service
OLS Outdoor Lighting Service
SL Street Lighting Service
OD-1-TOU Optional Domestic Service - Time of Use
ODM-1-TOU Optional Domestic Multi-Family Service - Time of Use
OGS-1-TOU Optional General Service - Time of Use
OGS-2-TOU Optional Medium General Service - Time of Use
OGS-2-HOPU Optional Medium General Service – High Off-Peak Use
OGS-2-TOU-HOPU Optional Medium General Service – Time Of Use High Off-Peak Use
OGS-3-HOPU Optional Large General Service – High Off-Peak Use
GS-4 Large Transmission Service
IP Incremental Price Tariff
GS-4-NG GS-4-New Generation
NMR-A Net Metering Rider-A
NMR-B Net Metering Rider-B
NMR-G Net Metering Rider-G
SSR Small Standby Service Rider
LSR Large Standby Service Rider
DOS Distribution Only Service
SSE Shared Savings - Electric
PV-1 Photo-voltaic Service
WCS Wireless Communication Service
NGR NV GreenEnergy Rider
EDRR Economic Development Rate Rider

NV Energy tariffs are posted on this web site solely for background information and are only updated from time to time. Because NV Energy frequently files revisions of its tariffs with the PUCN, readers should contact NV Energy if they have reason to question whether a particular tariff is current. The information shown herein is believed by NV Energy to be an accurate representation but it does not take the place of the official and effective tariffs on file with the Commission.