Northern Nevada - Gas Rules

Rule No. Title
 Table Table of Contents
1 Definitions
2 Description of Service
3 Application for Service
4 Notices
5 Bills for Service
6 Discontinuance, Termination, Restoration and Refusal of Service
7 Information Available to the Public
8 Continuity of Service
9 Gas Main Extensions
10 Contracts
11 Information on Forms
12 Establishment and Reestablishment of Credit
13 Deposits
14 Disputed Bills
15 Temporary Service
16 Service Connections, Meters and Customer's Facilities
17 Meter Tests and Adjustment of Bills for Meter Error
18 Supply to Separate Premises and Resale
19 Examination and Testing of Lines and Equipment in Mobile Home Parks
20 Standby Service
22 Gas Service Area

Sierra Pacific Power Company ("Sierra") tariffs are posted on this web site solely for background information and are only updated from time to time. Because Sierra frequently files revisions of its tariffs with the PUCN, readers should contact Sierra if they have reason to question whether a particular tariff is current. The information shown herein is believed by Sierra to be an accurate representation but it does not take the place of the official and effective tariffs on file with the Commission.