Special Assistance Fund for Energy (SAFE)

The SAFE program, associated with NV Energy, is a "gap-filling" program, designed to assist people who, through income limitations or other unusual circumstances, find themselves in a situation where they are having difficulty paying their utility bills.  The program is intended to supplement state and federal low-income energy assistance programs, which are the primary sources of energy assistance throughout Nevada.

The SAFE program is administered by social service agencies throughout NV Energy’s service area in northern Nevada.  For the SAFE agency that serves your local area, please refer to the lists below.  The process to apply for SAFE funds and some of the primary eligibility guidelines are as follows:

  • SAFE applicant must be a customer of record with NV Energy in northern Nevada and apply for funds directly at their local screening agency.
  • Applicants in Washoe County must first call 834-4444 to speak with an NV Energy customer service representative, who will prescreen for compliance with SAFE guidelines, and make a referral to a local SAFE agent.
  • The screening agency makes the determination about whether an applicant is eligible for assistance based on the following criteria:
    • SAFE funds can only be received once during an 18-month period.
    • The utility bill must be at least 30 days past due before SAFE funds are available. 
    • Applicants will be asked to provide a copy of their most recent NV Energy bill to obtain information about the amount due, account number and due date.
    • If an applicant has been approved for another state or federal low-income energy assistance program during the past 12 months, or has a pending application for a state or federal program, they are ineligible to receive SAFE funds. 
    • SAFE agents will determine eligibility on the basis of these, and additional program guidelines.
Nevada Agencies

Carson City: (775) 882-8448

Churchill County: (775) 423-6695

Douglas County: (775) 782-9825

Elko County: (775) 738-4375 #3

Esmeralda County: (775) 485-6309

Eureka County: (775) 468-0466

Humboldt County: (775) 623-6342

Lander County: (775) 635-2503

Lyon County: (775) 577-5009

Mineral County: (775) 945-2471

Nye County: (775) 482-8125

Pershing County: (775) 273-2208

Storey County: (775) 847-0968

Washoe County: (775) 834-4444

How to Donate to SAFE

NV Energy customers can donate to the SAFE program by pledging a dollar amount to be automatically added to the monthly NV Energy payment, or by adding a one-time gift to a monthly payment.  For more information about donating to SAFE, call:  (775) 834-4552.