Third Party Protection Plan

How Do I Sign Up?

In southern Nevada
Print out this brochure,

return by mail to:

NV Energy
P.O. Box 98910
Las Vegas, Nevada 89151

In northern Nevada
Print out this brochure,

return by mail to:

NV Energy
P.O. Box 10100,
Reno, Nevada 89520

Helping you prevent termination of service whenever possible

Unfortunately, it's sometimes necessary to terminate service to customers for non-payment of past due bills. These customers are always sent written notification well before the date service is to be cut off.

When you are on the Third Party Protection Plan and you receive a termination of service notice, we mail a copy of the notice to the third party you designate. This third party can be anyone you know -- a relative, friend, clergyman, social agency, civic organization -- any person you choose.

A man and his grandsonMailing the termination of service notice to a third party in no way obligates the third party to pay the bill or be responsible in any way for payment. However, it gives the third party ample time to take some form of action so that your service is not terminated.

If you have any questions about the Third Party Protection Plan, please contact your local NV Energy office.

Protection for the Elderly, Disabled and Ill

The Third Party Protection Plan is especially intended to protect customers who may be elderly, disabled, ill, require life-support equipment or who have language and reading problems. It can also be beneficial for persons who live alone or who are absent from home for extended periods of time.

Please Note
While we will make every effort to send a copy of a termination of service notice to the third party specified, the customer making such a request agrees that NV Energy will incur no liability for failure to provide the requested notification.