Calculate Your Northern Nevada Bill

This calculator will not work for customers on special rates such as the Time of Use Rates.


1) Look at your bill and find your "Billing Usage". The number just below that is your kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage for the month. This is what is used to calculate your bill.

2.) If you live in a house or mobile home enter your kWh, choose the single family rate button and press calculate. If you live in a condo or apartment, choose the multifamily button and press calculate.

3.) Please remember, figures represent an estimate of charges. Actual charges may vary depending on the municipality you live in, the length of your billing period, and other factors.

The rates used on the calculator are effective Jul. 1, 2017.

This image of the bill used in this description is for demonstration purposes only and does not reflect current rates. Our most current rates are:

Nevada: Electric: Residential Rate Schedule (Nevada) 

Gas: Residential Rate Schedule (Nevada) 

This portion of the bill is calculated by taking each rate and charge and multiplying it by the kWh you've used. You can get the kWh number from your bill or from reading your meter.

This portion of the bill Is calculated like this To get this result
A. Single or Multi Family rate Consumption Rate Your kWh x Consumption Rate = Consumption Charge
B. Deferred Energy Accounting Adjustment Your kwh X -0.00309 = Deferred Energy Adjustment Charge
C. Temporary Green Power Charge Your kwh X 0.00099 = Temporary Green Power Charge
D. Renewable Energy Program Your kwh X -0.00026 = Renewable Energy Program
E. Energy Efficiency Charge Your kwh X Energy Efficiency Charge = Energy Efficiency Charge
F. Basic Service Charge Basic Service charge = Basic Service Charge
G. Sub Total Consumption Charge + Deferred Energy Adjustment Charge + Temporary Green Power Charge + Renewable Energy Program + Basic Service Charge + Energy Efficiency Charge Sub Total
H. Local Government Fee (5%). This charge is mandated/set by your municipality. Sub Total x .05 Local Government Fee Charge
I. Universal Energy Charge Rate Your kWh x 0.00039 = Universal Energy Charge
Total Bill for all other counties in
our northern service territory.
Add G + H + I
Sub Total + Local Government Fee Charge + Universal Energy Charge = Your total

* Note The above charges do not take into account any miscellaneous service charges such as new connection charges or late fees, nor does it include gas charges.

Updated: Jul. 1, 2017

This calculator will not work for customers on special rates such as the Time of Use Rates.