Calculate your southern Nevada Bill

It's always helpful to know what your energy charges are and how they are derived. The steps to the left will help you understand your monthly residential energy charges under the current rates.

Electric: Residential Rate Schedule (Nevada)

Please note: These instructions do not apply to customers on special rates such as the Time of Use Rates.

Calculate your bill by following these easy steps:

1) Look at your bill and find your "billing usage"

image of a bill

This image of the bill used in this description is for demonstration purposes only and does not reflect current rates. You can find our most current rates here.

2) The number just below that is your kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage for the month. This is what is used to calculate your bill.

3) Launch the calculator.

4) Indicate what type of dwelling you live in, enter your kWh, and hit Calculate.

Using the graph on your bill, you can also find out what your bill will be for different months based on the kWh for that month.

Figures represent an estimate of your monthly bill.
Actual charges may vary.

Alternately, you can do the calculations manually by following these steps:

* Note the Local Government Fee varies depending on where you live. Please refer to your individual bill to determine which Local Government Fee applies to you.