General Information

Meter Reading
The electricity you use each month is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). A kilowatt hour is 1,000 Watts of electricity used for one hour. Your kWh consumption is determined by reading your meter each month and then subtracting the previous month's reading. The previous and the current month's readings are shown on the front of this bill. If you wish to verify this month's meter reading, you may read your meter the same day it is read by Nevada Power Company. Your next meter read date is printed on each bill. If you read your meter after you receive your bill, you must take into account the kWh consumed between the read date shown on your bill and the day you read your meter.

If your meter has a multiplier, it will be indicated on the face of the meter. To determine your kWh consumption, it is necessary to multiply the difference in readings by the multiplier. Learn to read your meter.

Meter Access
Our meter readers will read your meter each month on the scheduled read date printed on the face of your bill. You can help ensure an accurate, timely and safe reading by making sure your meter is accessible. Trees and shrubs which obscure the meter should be routinely trimmed. Pets need to be restrained or kept inside on that day. Arrangements or instructions regarding locked gates can be made with our meter reading staff. Please contact us and let us know about unusual or hazardous conditions or make access arrangements.

Energy Conservation
NV Energy offers information to help customers keep their home or business energy efficient and comfortable. To learn how to conserve energy and save money go to our Conservation section.

Tree Trimming
Our Tree Trimming Program is intended to help protect you, your property and maintain electric reliability. Trees can cause power outages when branches rub against power lines, or branches break and fall on lines or when trees are blown over on to power lines during storms. You can get more information, ask for information, or request a tree be trimmed here.

Customer Programs
If a permanent member of your household is seriously ill, disabled, or elderly, you may be able to make payment arrangements. Contact our Customer Service Department at:

Northern Nevada

Southern Nevada

Governmental agencies and other organizations may assist with the payment of a power bill. Applications must meet income guidelines and demonstrate a need for energy assistance. You can learn more about these programs in our Assistance section.

Rules and Regulations
NV Energy's rules, regulations and rate schedules are available for public inspection in each company office. If you wish to dispute your power bill, charge or service, NV Energy will promptly investigate the matter. If you are not satisfied with our final decision, you may contact the State of Nevada Public Utilities Commission.