Equal Payment

Sign in to MyAccount to sign up for Equal Payment

You can join Equal Payment by going to MyAccount and signing up online.

Alternately, you can download the brochure, fill in the information and mail it to us.

Take charge of your finances with Equal Payment. With this payment option, we'll take your average power usage from the last 12 months and divide it into equal monthly payments. So you'll know in advance what your bill will be each month.

How to Join

To join the Equal Payment program, sign up online. It's that simple.Remember, the plan is voluntary.

To Sign Up Online - Just login to MyAccount and look for the Equal Payment Menu item on your left.


  • You pay the same amount every month.
  • No more high bills during months of hot or cold weather.
  • It's free to participate -- but you should still keep an eye on your actual energy usage and continue to conserve energy. Here are some common tips to save energy.


  • Your Equal Payment amount may be adjusted if your energy usage is projected to result in an overpayment or under-collection of $100 or more, or if rates increase or decrease more than 5%.
  • You may be removed from Equal Payment if you fail to make two consecutive timely payments.
  • Your bill will show:

    • Exact meter readings for the month.
    • Exact charges for the amount of utility services you used.
    • Exact costs that would normally be due.
    • The Equal Payment amount due.

Is Equal Payment for You?

You will be able to compare the cost of your actual usage to the monthly Equal Payment amount. If you find the plan is not for you, you can stop at any time by writing or calling your local NV Energy office in your service area: