Paperless Billing with Online Pay

Go Paperless with Online Pay, you can view and pay your power bill online. It's easy, convenient and absolutely FREE! We'll notify you by email each month when your bill is ready to view online. No more stamps to worry about and you'll have easy access to past bills to look at your usage over time.

Benefits of Paperless Billing with Online Pay

  • No Hassles: No more paper bills, checks or stamps
  • Safe & Secure: All transactions are processed immediately on our secure servers
  • Flexible: Choose automatic monthly payments or a one-time payment from your checking account
  • Accessible: View past bills and payment activity (up to 24 months)
  • Always FREE -- We do not charge for this service

Concerned about identity theft? One of the ways to steal your identity is for someone to break into your mail box or go through your trash and steal your mail. By going paperless, you eliminate the paper bills and you gain more control of your sensitive documents.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Just log into MyAccount with your username and password (use the handy sign in on this page).
  • Click on your name or address once you're logged in to access your account.
  • Look for the menu item "Paperless Billing" and follow the instructions on the screen - it's that easy.
  • Remember you will no longer receive a paper bill when you sign up for Paperless Billing with Online Pay.
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  • Paperless Billing Terms & Conditions