Important Notice for Time of Use Customers

Thank you for your interest in our Time of Use program.

We encourage you to review your personal energy usage patterns and take the following into account when considering participation in this program:

  • The Time of Use program has rates that are generally higher in the summer season and lower in the winter season.
  • Depending on where you live, the weather, and your energy usage patterns, your monthly bills may be higher during the summer season.
  • A more optimal time to sign up for the program is during specific times of the year when winter rates are in effect and energy usage is lower.
  • Signing up when winter rates are in effect will give you time to familiarize yourself with the program when rates and monthly bills are generally lower.

Please refer back to the previous page for additional information on the Time of Use seasons and corresponding rates.

If you would still like to be placed in the program at this time, proceed to the sign-up page.

For additional information please call:

  • Southern Nevada (702) 402-5555, en Español, (702) 402-5554
  • Northern Nevada (775) 834-4444, en Español, (775) 834-4700