Energy Assessment

Home Energy Assessment

Free Home Energy Assessment

Free Home Energy Assessments by a PowerShift energy advisor will help you conserve even more energy and save money on your power bills.

  • Call or email us to make an appointment
    Northern Nevada: 800-962-0399
    Southern Nevada: 702.402.5555
    Email us at with your name, address and contact number.
  • A PowerShift energy advisor walks through your home and provides tips on how to reduce energy usage and save money.
  • You start to see savings.

Self-Serve Energy Assessment

It’s that easy because the shift is on at NV Energy – where we're always looking for ways to make your power bills a little lighter and your pockets a little heavier.

MyAccount gives you the tools you need to perform a comprehensive energy assessment of your home. Compare your use with similar homes, track your energy use over time, look at your billing history and discover specific ways to lower your electric bill. Sign up for MyAccount today and find ways to save...

Signing up for MyAccount is free and gives you secure, convenient access to your account information, tools to manage your account and find ways to save energy and money.