Energy Efficiency Products & Services

The shift is on - powershift.

PowerShift by NV Energy is your partner in saving energy, and that means putting more money in your pockets so you and your family can enjoy the things you like.

It also means helping you find ways to make your home more energy efficient while improving your level of comfort.

To get you on your way, check out our free smart thermostats - you get up to four professionally installed and they come with a free mobile app that lets you customize cooling and heating schedules from your smartphone, tablet or PC. It's that free and easy!

You'll also have the assurance you're doing something good for the environment when you wisely manage your energy use, and that helps us all.

Welcome to PowerShift.

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Smart Thermostat
Energy Management

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Residential A/C

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Energy Star
LED Lighting Discount

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Solar, Wind, and
Hydro Rebates

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